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Rancho Las Brisas

Rancho Las Brisas Mural

When busman7 settled in El Salvador he bought a property (rancho*) named Las Brisas which in time was added a guest room to rent out to travellers and Rancho Las Brisas was born.

Over the past couple years ongoing improvements have been made until now the original B&B room, El Ranchete¬† has been joined by a 4 bed mixed dorm, La Casita and the 2 bedroom Gardner’s Cottage for a total of 9 guest beds.

We also accommodate day-use guests with separate washroom and pool shower facilities.
We have recently opened a Pupuseria, operating weekends and holidays.

*definition: a hut or collection of huts, for herders, labours, travellers, camp; in this area the properties by the beach were originally (before the civil war) owned by wealthy Salvadorians from the city and used as weekend retreats, cottages, camps, thus the name rancho

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