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A farm boy from Quebec’s Eastern Townships, who after a decade in trucking started my own business. 37+ yrs experience in business serving the needs of discerning the public, 25+ as a school/charter bus O/O operating for the PVNCC & KPR school boards as well Havergal College, Bishop Strachan School & Great Lakes College of Toronto private schools in Toronto. Working with and learning from Transtario Tours with 60 yrs in the business doing public charters. Have supplied 25+ buses for camp trips to Scouts Canada Scouts Canada, served the Sri Lankan community in Toronto in conjunction with Max2000, transporting the local Mennonite/Amish communities in KawarthaLakes/Peterborough area to their sister communities in the Elmira area gave me extensive experience in working with people of many ethnic origins.

Upon closing my business (Deck-Way Services Ltd), nearly 3 yrs of world travel combined with my past experiences, gave me enough understanding of different cultures that I was comfortable relocating to a Spanish speaking country, opening a Bed & Breakfast/Hostal and marrying a local lady.

5 things I can’t live without:

1) Tropical beach weather

2) Living in a country setting

3) Stimulating conversation with travellers

4) Internet

5)  A good paper book (no Ebooks)

I enjoy travelling on a shoestring with the occasional splurge.

My favourite countries visited (in no particular order) Iceland, Greenland, Mongolia, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia + the US states of Alaska and Hawaii. Of course, El Salvador where I relocated is my favourite.

Favourite modes of travel: trains, ferries, buses, passenger ships with planes only when necessary.

Like historical novels, mystery and thriller books especially Stephen King, Star Trek, action movies, reality TV shows, Mexican, Thai and Salvadorian food.

Also like Palm trees, antique vehicles/farm equipment of all kinds, cows and water buffalo

My hosting style is helping guests learn about my adopted country but giving as much privacy as desired.

Life motto: Learn something new every day and live life to it’s fullest!

My travel map here


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