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antigua-104.jpgThink I have found a sensible if slow way to post pics but it is a work in progress;

On the right of blog under picture scroll down th blogroll click on Picasa Albums & it should take you to album with at this point in time 2 pics

Did put some more on stupid flckr can’t make address work myself but maybe you can;

Sorry for the delay in pics but busman & ‘puters are not compatible LOL


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18 responses to “Pictures”

  1. bellagio says:

    Link doesn’t work for me. Says Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage.

  2. Oncearound says:

    Dave, I see 2 photos on the Picasa album. One of a Che billboard and the other of the Malecon from the hotel National.

  3. Dave says:

    OK so the Picasa link works I have only put the 2 pics up & took me 2 hrs to fet that right. Will have to double check the flckr link with pina a she posted it & I never could get it to work GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Post more on Picasa later as it’s the easiest to work with

  4. Oncearound says:

    Dave, I figured it out. The link you posted is missing the “i” in flickr.
    Try – it works fine.

  5. Dave says:

    Thanks Once will change it & finaly figured how to speed upload on Picasa now have CA & most of Cuba up but have to do some editing & add captions

  6. pinamimi says:

    do you want me to load what you have sent me on your blog?
    it’s all on Frank’s computer as my laptop won’t accept your thingy lol…

    Nice piccys btw..

  7. Dave says:

    pina check the photos I sent back with manfredz, they should be the same as the Central America album but I didn’t notice any of Boquete (but at 1 am could of missed them) & I know I took some. If you have any thing that isn’t showing in the Picasa albums please upload them

  8. pinamimi says:

    okie dokie!
    the pictures are beautiful Dave!!!!
    my friend just came back from El Salvador and LOVED IT..i told her
    about you and how you loved it too!!
    just wanted to tell you we are having caca blanca….blah..only 4-6cm but
    it’s 4-6 too much LOL

  9. Dave says:

    check the playa pics in El Salvador just like having a private beach for miles & according to yahoo weather was 94 F yesterday here in Antigua a nice 75 F, hope Ont weather man gets the caca blanca out of his system before Apr 23 LOL

  10. pinamimi says:

    lets hope! lol…is that when you come back April 23?

  11. Dave says:

    OK rest of Cuba pics up you will have to bear with me while I edit & caption but pics picasa basicaly follow blog & flickr has one from each area so should be able to follow

  12. Dave says:

    Yeah that’s the end of the 183 days big brother gov’t says I’m allowed out of the country before they cancel the pathetic excuse for health care we have!!!

  13. bellagio says:

    The link works now. Really great photos Dave. Keep ’em coming.

  14. Dave says:

    Slowly working on the captions.

  15. bellagio says:

    Time for another update, Dave. I’m getting withdrawal symptoms!! lol How’s the weather down there? Not been too good in Cuba of late with cold fronts keep moving in.

  16. Dave says:

    See what I can do.

  17. topturner says:

    fab photos Dave ! I’ve some catching up to do on your blog since my computer crashed !

  18. Dave says:

    Thanks TT, think I remember you saying yu were headed for Thailand this year just wondering if you made it & how it was if you did?