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Good ideas never die

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

Back in the ‘90s I was a tad ahead of the times and had a store in Bowmanvville ON, Canada selling alternative energy and environmental products.

                         B'ville store

These included stoves: wood, wood pellet, corn and natural gas/propane

Solar pool and hot water heaters

Power systems: solar, wind, water

Composting and water saving toilets

Environmental cleaning and pest control products

Never did much business as people liked to talk big about saving the environment but when it came to putting their money where their mouths were, they instantly transformed into clones of Scrooge!

Granted these products were on the expensive side however the majority were Canadian or US made.

Fast forward a couple decades to 2015

Ontario and Canada are just memories as after selling my business there and a couple years travelling the world I have settled near a beach in the tropics just outside La Libertad, El Salvador where I operate a small B&B/Hostal as a way of keeping busy and meeting interesting people travelling through this beautiful country.


Here at Rancho Las Brisas we follow the environmental practices learned over the years as we are located at a tropical Playa there is no need for stoves for warmth but we do use wood and propane for cooking.

The pool requires no auxiliary heat as the sun keeps it nice and warm. Hot water is not a necessity and water saving toilets and shower heads are used in all rooms.

We use environmental cleaning and pest control products where practical also recycle what is possible and compost kitchen waste.

Due to all these practices Rancho Las Brisas has been awarded “Green Leader” status by Trip Advisor.

Here in El Salvador electricity is generated by petroleum products so any saving there is definitely good for the environment and mainly cost effective so when I had a guest a few months ago looking to set up a solar distribution company in El Salvador, we had a lot to talk about.

After months of trials and tribulations with the Salvadoran bureaucracy he finally has product to sell and I have become an agent for EPSCA SA de CV (Environmental Products Central America), Selling Solar products again!


However this time they are “ Made in China” priced reasonably and of good quality!

What was a good idea but ahead of it’s time in the ‘90s is still a good idea and hopefully, now Profitable!


Thursday, July 9th, 2015

to the Bootsnall team for getting me access to my blog after microsoft hotmail locked me out of my account