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Beer quest

Monday, May 11th, 2015

How I rate the beer I have tried in my travels.

Favourite: El Salvador – Regia Regia 

               Guatemala – Gallo  Gallo 

               Singapore – Tiger   Tiger

               Thailand – Singha  Singah 

                Cuba – Cristal      cristal-beer-cuba-300x225

                 Mexico Corona    corona

                  Laos – Beerlao  Beerlao

                  Canada – Molson Ex MolsonEx

                  USA – Coors light coors-light-thermo-6-sheet


Like: Thailand – Chang   Chang 

        Thailand – Archa    Archa

         Indonesia – Bintang Indonesia

         India – Kingfisher  India

         Myanmar – Myanmar Myanmar

         Australia – Victoria Victoria OZ

         El Salvador – Golden Golden

         Greenland – Gronland Greenland

         Philippines – Red Horse Philippines

         Colombia – Aguila  Colombia

Not bad: Thailand – Leo  Leo

             Tibet – Lhasa   Lhasa

             El Salvador –Pilsner Pilsner El Salvador

             Canada AB Pilsner   pilsner alberta

              USA – Coors       Coors.jpg 1   

             Nicaragua – Tona  Nicaragua

             Finland – Lapin Kulta    FINLAND

             Nepal – Mustang   Nepal

             New Zealand – Tui  NZ

             South Korea – OB   South Korea

             Iceland – Shjalfti    skjalftibottle Iceland

             Sweden – Mariestads  Sweeden 

             Norway – Ringnes     Norway

             China – Tsingtao    China

Drinkable: Malaysia – Jaz    Malaysia

               Mongolia – Xap  mongolian_beer

               Costa Rica – Imperial Costa Rica

               Japan – Asaki     Japan

               Panama – Panama panamabeers

               Vietnam – 333    Vietnam

Beware: Mexican – Tecate tecate beer

Absolutely Horrid: US – Lone Star Lone Star however drinkable during an Ontario beer store strike

                               Belize – Belkin   Belize

May/June Special

Thursday, May 7th, 2015
May/June Special Pricing

Off Season Discount Prices *
La Casita mixed dorm $10 per person per night
Ranch House private room $24 per night
The Gardner’s Cottage $31 per night
*applies to direct bookings or Airbnb only

World cost of living index

Thursday, May 7th, 2015
World cost of living index

For those thinking of relocating or use as a guide to what your trip will cost by country.

Courtesy of MoveHub: International Students moving abroad map
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