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The Epic Bus Trip

Monday, May 12th, 2014

Preview of my story on Createspace The Epic Bus Trip


Sunday, May 11th, 2014

             A new family, new life, new profession!


My new answer to travel forums, having just been banned again from yet another one, this time the so called ‘new’  Debbie’s for having the audacity to call out the forum bully by telling the truth, it finally sunk in that:

1) NO mods want the TRUTH posted when it is contrary to what their fragile egos believe!

2) NO owner wants the TRUTH posted when it irks regular posters thus taking $$$ from their bottom line!

In other words truth quotes or the Real TRUTH Must Never be told!

This axiom applies to all travel forums I have participated in, which led to decision to refrain from further enriching their owners by giving free use of my experiences only to have some censored and replaced with falsehoods written by others.

As I have already had an article published by BootsnAll Karma or Coincidence in Bangkok, which was given a good critique by an author friend, it was easy to conclude that a  more profitable use of my time would be writing a series of travel related books. “The Wanderings of Busman7” will be published through Amazon’s site that can be purchased, giving the TRUE uncensored story of my experiences.

Of Course I will continue operating Rancho Las Brisas Bed & Breakfast where one can visit to explore El Salvador and swap travel stories in the evenings.

ps I shall post here when the 1st book is out tentatively titled The Epic Bus Trip