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Thursday, December 26th, 2013

Herr Harpo and his merry band of thieves Harper Iluminati finally released my tax return.

I received the cheque via snail mail (RevCan refused to direct deposit into my same US account Service Canada deposits my pension) in Canadian funds even though I had requested it in US funds.

The time from receipt of my return in Ottawa until I held the useless (in SV) cheque in my hands was a mere 221 days/7 months 6 days! EH!!!

Due to the fact that Canadian monopoly money is recognized almost no where in the world (certainly not here in El Salvador) I was forced to send the cheque to my US bank where the

 BanksterRobbery  BANKSTERS promptly relieved me of $171.33

If that wasn’t bad enough, I had paid DHL courier $70 to deliver the return to Ottawa plus another $65 to deliver the cheque to my US bank (I have learned from past experience that both Canada Post and USPS are unreliable)

So All in All it only cost me $306.33 for

CRA-Logo to Steal my Money and

Collect Interest on it for the Better Part of 2


canadasucks 3  EH!!!