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Time to Boycott Walmart

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

Walmart finally did it, got too greedy & pissed me off enough to say that’s it, that’s all, no mo dinero to Walmart.

For the past year & a half I have done most of my grocery shopping at Despensa Familiar which, I just recently found out, is owned by Walmart.

The Despensa is located in Centro by the market is a crowded, hot store with limited choice of product & a dismal fruit/veggie section however it’s prices averaged 20% lower than the tourist supermarket.

Until 3 weeks ago fruit/veggie sellers parked their trucks on the street in front of the store so one could pick them up on the way out. Now however the police aren’t letting them park there but have moved them a couple blocks away, making it very inconvenient.

This harassment of the vendors comes with managers in the store wearing shirts with the Walmart name on them leading one to believe that they are responsible.

Add to this the fact that the new Walmart Super Center in San Salvador is not like the ones in the US offering low prices but a high priced rip-off selling junk to the locals.

From now on I shall patronize Super Seletos with their well stocked, air conditioned store on the outskirts of town where if I watch the sales fliers the price difference won’t be worth considering.

Walmart your greed just cost you about $1,500 a year, that’s just from one low volume customer, just imagine the cost if others really looked at their spending habits & told Evilmart where to stick it!

Let the BOYCOTT begin!:)