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Final documents from Canada arrive

Friday, June 29th, 2012

Finally the last document has arrived from Canada, a mere 6 months after I started the process.


Of course Canada isn’t done jerking me around & ripping me off yet, the embassy has to get permission to certify them which now apparently takes 2-3 days instead of next day service. Of course there’s the $50 US charge (Canadian currency NOT accepted in El Salvador.

Started this when I dropped the documents off at the embassy, well the 2-3 days turned into 7 & as Canada’s OAS is so paltry it + my CPP didn’t add up to enough to meet El Salvador’s low monthly requirements, I needed to show extra income, which meant 2 documents so got ripped off to the tune of $100 US!

Am I a proud Canadian? NOT!!

Took the documents to the Salvadorian government for authentication $40 ,which the moron at the embassy had never heard of, fortunately the girl from the previous time had given me the heads up on that, of course he was the same idiot that told me to get a Canadian money order (impossible in El Salvador) then dropped them off at the lawyers for translation. A week later was informed that the lawyer needed all documents before he would do translation (isn’t miscommunication great), another week lost.

All is now in the hands of my lawyers assistant who naively claims all should be ready in 2 weeks to get my card. Have heard the original application always needs modification before being processed.

Problem is that due to the foot dragging of the Canadian government (6 months to due what any civilized country would do in 6 weeks), in 2 weeks there will only be one month left before I need to depart on my LAST trip to Canada. However if I leave before the process is complete I will have to start all over again, which isn’t an option!

There are days (about 365/yr) that it SUCKS

to be a Canadian!!!

To be continued——