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WTF’s with Canada???

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

June 14, 2008 the day of my sale when I

reached the point of NO RETURN to living a life outside


Life in Canada at that point was still bearable but not to my liking & as I had the resources to live elsewhere, I was on my way to make that dream a reality.

At that point in time I still had 2 72 passenger buses + a W/C bus, the Super C tractor I bid back in at the sale, the 03 Caravan, ‘82 Checker, ‘78 MH + ‘78 Scout & mother was still in her house.

Looking back it doesn’t seem possible that so many changes in my life would happen in just a tad less than 4 yrs or how freedom & government services in Canada would deteriorate in that short a period. Of course some of it could be attributed to getting out & experiencing the REAL WORLD not just accepting the, for the sheeple government brainwashing version.

First change came in Aug 08 with provincial simple serpents, through collusion & fraud, making my charted business worthless & unsalable (see blog), resulting in the sale of 1 bus.  Then then found a buyer for the ‘03 Caravan before I departed on my CA/Cuba trip.

During that 6 mo winter 08/09 trip mother took a turn for the worse, her house was sold & she moved into a nursing home. Also received the news that the outcome of my court case against the school board was a draw due to shenanigans of JP!

Returned to ON in late April 09, to satisfy Big brother OHIP’s requirements for only being out of the country for 6 months, to wet, cold, miserable weather (never again Canada in April). Found mother extremely unhappy so moved her from nursing home to nice one bedroom, ground floor apartment she had found.

Over the course of the summer found much more griping of self-employed friends over new rules & the way they were being screwed by the government. Sold the Super C for less than the sale bid, sold the remaining bus & left the end of Aug on my RTW 09/10.

During Sept mother had an accident which resulted in a move to a nursing home in B’ville.

Returning in July ‘10 found mother’s condition had deteriorated badly & Ontario’s healthcare system a pathetic joke. Flew to El Salvador, bought a house & after a major hassle with the Bowmanville hospital which isn’t fit for pets, incompetent doctors & lying air ambulance operators, managed to make arrangements to have her transported to El Salvador.

During this time July-Sept 10 I managed to sell the MH, load the W/C bus with the contents of my storage unit, & drive it to El Salvador via Route 66.

Returning in May 2011 I found a sad, pathetic Ontario that I could never live in again. Also managed to get screwed trying to sell the Checker on sleaz-eBay so had to sell it at a friends tractor auction where it only brought 1/3 of what I had in it.

Trip to Phnom Penh for a couple months then back home to SV where I am attempting to get residency status, only problem is I need a CRC (criminal record check) from Canada notarized as authentic in Canada. One wouldn’t think this would be a problem however to do this one needs to deal with the moronic simple serpents running Canadian bureaucracy who took 10 WEEKS to do the CRC & send it to a friend to get notarized.

No problemo, one would think, just trot down to your lawyer, he puts his stamp on it, initials the stamp & a couple minutes later for between free & $20 you’re out of there or that’s the way it used to work, apparently NOT NOW!

It seems your AROGANT, IGNORANT,

A$$HOLE ONTARIO lawyer is on holiday for

a week, then cancels the appointment the next week, when he finally deems to see you, he finds it impossible to simply notarize it but must study it for a week.

He then proclaims that the hossmen have signed the CRC so notarizing it is unnecessary & sends the poor ignorant peon on their way.

Friend went back yesterday to explain to the know it all, backwoods advocate from Jerkwater ON, that the aRse Cee eM Pee signature may be good in Canada but is meaningless in the real world, at least in El Salvador.

Apparently the fine upstanding (NOT) advocate for the people finally deigned it prudent to take 30 seconds (after holding on to it for a week) out of his busy life & notarized the document.

So we now have the fine Canadian system (NOT) taking a total of 106 days, almost 1/3 of a year, to complete a process that should have taken 2 weeks tops. Of course I still don’t have the document & as courier charges from Canada are Outrageous (nearly 2x what they are here) will have to depend on Canada Post’s rip-off (nearly same as courier here) Xpress post & hope they can deliver it without losing it in maybe another 2 weeks. Making it a full 4 months (a full 1/3 of a year)!

WTF’s happened to the Canada I/WE

grew up in?

I shall return to Canada, FOR THE LAST FLUCKING TIME in

August 2012 to finalize a few things in OnturkeyO, pick up my

Scout & head to Quebec’s Eastern Townships to attend

the CHS homecoming at the Big Brome County Fair on Labour

Day weekend.

Shall then make haste for the Y’all land border at Rouses Point &

the Scout Nationals held at the

Clarke County Fairgrounds in Springfield OH in conjunction with

the Ohio swap meet where the

Scout will be FOR SALE!

At the end of the Nationals it will either be the Grey Dog to the

Mexican border where one can get a REAL BUS home to the land

of the Mayas & Palm Trees or another road trip back to the

Paradise of Las Brisas.


Sunday, April 1st, 2012

Before another rant on Canada I should write a bit about my visa run to Bogotá.

Had planned on just going to Liberia CR but when I went to book the flight, found TACA had a sale on & the fare to Bogotá was only $100 more so it was a no brainer, Colombia here I come.

The city is pretty cool & has now bumped Panama City to 3rd place on my cities list, of course Bangkok remains the undisputed leader.

Lots to do, friendly people & relatively safe. Definitely worth a visit when in the area.

There is also a steam train that makes for an enjoyable day trip out of the city.