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Hawaii, Yes!!!

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

Although I have only had a small taste of Hawaii, mainly in tourist central Waikiki Beach area, I did make extensive use of TheBus, Honolulu’s public transportation system. Which is the best I have encountered in any other US/Canadian city.

Then of course the moneyed tourists assure there is lots of shopping. Needed a new pair of Keene sandals, around the world + 3 years steady use had taken the toll on my old ones. Now a major transfer point for TheBus just happens to be at The Ala Moana Center,   the world’s largest open-air shopping center, or so the propaganda says.Found the Keene’s for less than I paid for them in Toronto 3 yrs ago.

As one would expect, the Hawaiian Islands, being more or less, the mid-point of the Pacific between Asia & North America, have a different feel than the US. Kind of a combination of both but without the visible extreme poverty.

Definitely worth exploring, especially if you get a deal, like I did, that saves a couple hundred bucks transiting through HNL direct from Asia to the Americas.

Must be getting a bit jaded living in the tropics near the sea, because Hawaii is warm has beaches & palm trees like the rest of SE Asia, southern North/Central America & parts of OZ, nothing special really. A tad more upscale than most places but that means more expensive.TheBus Honolulu Transit W/C accessible