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Guinness World Records Unfair!

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

In June 2008 Daryl & Davy Vogel set off from Prudhoe Bay in Alaska bound for Ushuaia Argentina, accompanied by their parents, in an attempt to break the record as the youngest to cycle the Pan-American Highway.

Prior to leaving, their mother Nancy had contacted GWR for the regulations of the attempt. These were followed to the letter + she was in contact with GWR during the nearly 3 years it took to complete the 17,300 mile journey.

On returning home in July 2011 Nancy submitted the request for the record to GWR, only to be informed that the category had been eliminated in 2009 so the boys efforts would NOT be recognized.

I am posting this as I, along with many others, feel the decision, made while the attempt was ongoing & especially GWB not bothering to notify them, is completely unfair, Daryl & Davy should be grandfathered in or at the very least given a certificate stating they met all the guidelines for the “rested” category.

You can follow their amazing journey thanks for taking the time to read this.

A petition has been started, to get GWB to give Daryl & Davy the recognition they earned  please sign to give GWB something to think about.

The line in the sand is approaching

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

When I decided to come to Cambodia in search of a new career I allowed 2 months for it to happen. With July drawing to a close that time is & the prospects of successfully completing my  mission are pretty bleak.

Have made the rounds handing out my CV, only found a couple places where I was granted an interview, the rest was just give it to the receptionist.

Found 4 online job boards for Cambodia but most of the same jobs appear on all, jobs that weren’t in town I applied on line. Even checking the NGO & volunteer listings.

The lack of a degree combined with the economic slow down in the US/Canada isn’t helping either as there is an influx of back packer type, recent grads that can’t find work at home, coming to SE Asia to teach English.

Even broke down & emailed my CV to an agency in China, who advertised they could find placements (at 1/2 pay) for people with no degree or experience, 2 weeks has now passed with no response.

Main problem though is age discrimination top that off with a touch of sex discrimination & you’re pretty much flogging a dead horse.

On the khmer forum, a 20 something Brit female who dropped out of college, posted that she had 3 job offers within 3 days of arriving. Granted non were the optimum job but beats the hell out of none in 6 weeks even with a TEFL certificate.

Oh well have a bunch of applications in for jobs that close on the 31st, where “only short listed applicants will be notified” + 1 that “if you’re still around at the end of the month I might have something” which means that possibly, maybe, if no 20 something female with no qualifications shows up, I may be desperate enough to call but don’t hold your breath!

One week today’s my 65th birthday so tune in then as if no job there will be a good  rant posted as I get to hell outa Dodge & catch the bigassed silver bird for Hawaii, my last of the 50 states to visit, on the way to home sweet home at Rancho las Brisas, Playa San Diego, El Salvador.

WTF mode

Sunday, July 10th, 2011
It’s been nearly a month since I last posted, for the simple reason there has been nothing to report, just living a mundane life of austerity while searching for a job. ... [Continue reading this entry]