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Going to visit The Alamo

Friday, April 15th, 2011

Don’t you just love the internet! While firming up the tentative routing for my upcoming epic bus trip, had pretty much decided to go with crossing at Laredo. When trying to figure the best way to cross the border I stumbled across the fact that Greyhound picks up in Nuevo Laredo, this was cool.

Then a little further on it said that they do a transfer in San Antonio for most onward travel. Gee, San Antonio set the bells ringing, isn’t that the home of the Alamo? A quick Google search confirmed that, by gosh by golly, it surely is.

Many, many moons ago I spent endless hours in my fake buckskin, fringed jacket & trousers with my trusty cork firing rifle, hunting b’ar in Tennessee hills with Davey, Davey Crocket the King of the Wild Frontier! Followed him down to Texas & the Alamo where he made his last stand.

Now I am going to be at the home of the Alamo so shall make a stop to spend a day there & check it out.

The past 8-9 months have been pretty good ones for discovering America. Saw a lot of Alaska, completed my bucket list Route 66 then passed through Tombstone where I checked out Boot Hill & the OK Coral. Sent many hours fighting the bad guys with Wyatt, Doc & the boys, when I wasn’t helping Davey out. Got to see it & spend the night there.

Being in Tombstone was great but not something I would really go out of my way to see, same with the Alamo. Seems like just a coincidence that I get to see both, one on my way down to El Salvador while crossing at a safe border crossing & the other on the way back for the same reason. Especially as both of these crossings are out of the way points, from where I was coming from  & going to.

However there is no such thing as coincidence! Hmmmm

Itinerary’s looking like this (subject to change); May 2 San Salvador to Tapachula Mexico.

May 3/4 Tapachula to Mexico Norte.

May 5/6 overnight Mexico Norte to Monterey

May 6 early morning Monterey to Nuevo Larado

May 6 midmorning 5 hr trip Nuevo Laredo to San Antonio

May 7 down day to checkout the Alamo

May 8/9 the hound to Peterborough, possibly an overnight in Memphis or Nashville or not???

Countdown to Cambodia

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

B&B Flyer With Las Brisas B&B basically set up, only a few odds & ends to look after. A bit more English training for my manager, some local advertising, then it’s wait & see what happens at Easter, one of the 3 major holidays of the year, in El Salvador.

As I need to work a bit until social security kicks in, TEFL in CA doesn’t pay enough to bother with + had planned more time in SE Asia, shall give Cambodia a try. From my research, with my being no spring chicken, with no ESL experience, teaching in Khumer land seems to be the most viable option.

Present plan is, sometime during the first week of May to catch the Tica bus in San Salvador (leaves at 06:00 so cab it to SS), ADO from the Guatemala/Mexico frontier to Mexico Norte, splurge on ETN to Monterey, NL Omnibus to Laredo followed by the Hound to Peterborough ON.

Shall break the trip up so it takes about 7 days so it will cost about the same as flying with AA which requires a plane change in Miami, a no no as I am boycotting US airports due to TSA’s Pervert searches. TACA, El Salvador’s airline has a weekly nonstop flight SAL-YYZ but is insanely expensive.

That leaves busman with the only logical option, living up to his name & bussing it!!

Likely spend a week or so in ON & QC tying up loose ends before catching an Aero Svit flight YYZ-KBP-BKK, cheapest flight going, except for one involving Air Crappy that would only save $30, rather give my money to the Ukraine, thank you very much.

A few days in Bangkok, then off to Phnom Penh for a job search.

That’s the plan. At this point in time. As always, subject to change!

gat.ed community

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

noun    Prision compound gates 002

A subdivision or neighborhood, often surrounded by a barrier, to which entry is restricted to residents and their guests

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