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Packing list

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

After numerous hours spent perusing the Bootsnall forums, bearing in mind that I will be travelling in tropical countries & doing a lot of bus trips,here is the list I have come up with:

MEC Fast track carryon roller  34 litre with 17 litre day pack

fanny pack

Solomon light trail shoes

 Keen sandels

light sweater

1 long casual/dress pants, 1 cargo convertible pants, 2 shorts

1 long sleeve casual/dress shirt, 3 short sleeve, 1 T

6 underwear, 4 socks (Wright sock from MEC), 1 bathing suit

MEC Ranger hat (Tilley copy)

small Swiss Army knife,key chain compass,first aid kit,sun screen, after bite,shake light,knife fork spoon & toiletry kit

iphone, digital camera, flash drive, charger & extra batteries

book & 20 oz Bubba mug

Itinerary Oct 20, 2008 – Apr 2009

Oct 20 fly Ft Lauderdale

23-25 cruise to Nassau

25 fly Puerto Vallarta

29 bus or fly to Cancun

Chitchen-Itza travel by bus taking 3 weeks to Libera CR

Bus trip via Orange Walk, Belize City & a couple days on Caye Caulker before going on toto Tikal – a couple days in Guatemala on business  also a stop in Antigua- Copan Honduras – El Salvador – Nicaragua

2-3 weeks in CR researching possible retirement there, the same in Panama

Dec 30 fly Panama city to Havana for Nuevo ano at Hotel Nacional

January 09 spent in Havana for dental work & Spanish lessons

Feb & Mar 09 travelling around Cuba to Santiago, mainly by bus & return to Havana by train

Apr 09 return to Ont possibly via Panama???

May 09 renew passport, drivers licence, tie up loose ends of business, arrange for visa’s to Russia, China & India that need to be done from home country & buy ticket for my RTW starting in Aug 09

Last cheque

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

Last of the campers went home Monday & picked up my last cheque yesterday, now can concentrate on things to be done before trip.

Booked the first leg starting Oct 20, 3 days in Fort Lauderdale followed by a 2 day cruise to Nassau (a trip meant for a break last winter but never found the time to take) then 4 days in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. Now I have a time frame to work with in getting every thing done & will have around 6 weeks to explore Central America before heading to Cuba mid Dec.

Having a problem trying to link my flckr site to this blog so if any one knows how to do it please let me know.

Still have some lose ends of business to wrap up, trip to Springfield Ohio to pick up parts for the Scout, trip to Ottawa & Quebec to see friends before leaving so the time will pass quickly.

Went on a shopping spree at MEC where I got most of my kit for the trip, will post a list for comments when I have more time. At least this 6 mo. trip will be a trial run for my RTW starting Aug 09 so I should pretty much know what I need to pack for it.