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More challanges

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

A week has passed since I moved out of the shop & it has been full of challanges.

Parked the motor home at a friends who has a hobby farm & runs a boarding house, this is cool as I can have meals if I want, only problem is meals are at set times, not used to that. Solution is to let them know whenI will be eating there & when not so only pay for the ones I take. Good food, good price, a really good arrangement.

Then there is my cat who is used to being a loner, now he has other cats around + dogs, a lama, ponies & a couple donkeys. Talk about culture shock, he spent the first couple days in the motor home & refused to go out, getting used to it now, getting out & about, none the worse for the experience.

Next the buses that were checked over before leaving the shop are having minor problems that have to be repaired on the road, an expensive procedure but other people have to make a living to & have been lucky to receive quality work at a fair price. At least customer is happy & have many good contacts for my trip to China so in the long run it’s all worth it.

The large group of 82 went home last Thurs. so not so hectic now, have a trip to Toronto next week where they will spend the day touring the U of T campus, Queens Park & The Eaton Centre so think I will do some shopping of my own at Mountain Equipment where I can get most of what I need for my trip. That’s a perk of the business you get paid while doing personal shopping & a free trip to the city that’s even tax deductible.

Hectic Pace

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

Have a few minutes to spare so a quick update.

Auction sale went better than expected, got rid of every thing that I wanted to but a lot more work to get ready than I thought, it got really hectic the last couple days before the sale. A word of advise to any one planning the same, give yourself twice the time you think you need.

Have the motor home ready for the road, safety done, reasonable priced insurance found (not an easy job) & cleaned up. Still waiting for a part to come in from California for the Checker taxi that I restored & it will be on the road as my daily driver until I leave for the winter & next summer before my long awaited RTW.

All calls made to utilities made for cancellation plus the myriad of other things to do with a move, lawyers, accountants & all the money grabbers associated with a sale contacted. Add to that the preparations for transportation of the 6 week summer camp my Chinese clients are having, there is never a dull moment.

14 days to go until I am out of the shop then just over a month & I can start to relax or maybe not as then the preparations for the winter trip start plus a couple short trips to be taken first.