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Who is busman7 ??

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

         The Wanderings of                                    Busman7


“I was totin’ my pack along the dusty Winnemucca road —-“  from the song “ I’ve been every where” written by Geoff Mack & recorded by Hank Snow & later by Stompin’ Tom with regional towns added.


That song always tickled my fancy as I had done a fair bit of traveling with family & later on my own both for work & pleasure. Then one day I found myself on the Winnemucca road & decided to see as many places named in the song as possible.


So far have been to about 60% + many more in the US & Canada & all Stompin’ Toms Ontario list from Aberfoyle to Zephyr. Of course there is still the list in the Australian, New Zealand, Belgian & German versions not to mention all the beers to try in that version of the song. As you can see still some travelin’ to do before “I’ve been every where.


“I’ve crossed the deserts bare” Yup been across most of them in Nevada & part of the Mojave, even came across London Bridge in the Arizona desert & what an experience to be looking out over the desert at dawn with the smell of sage brush on the air, not a sound or other person in sight, makes you realize how insignificant humans are in the grand scheme of the universe. Then cross that same terrain 24 hrs after a rain & it is an entirely different place with flowers every when the day before there was nothing. WOW!!! Incredibly beautiful. Still more deserts to see though.


“Breathed the mountain air” Seen  few of them to, from the Sierra Maestra in Cuba, the Appalachians, the green, the White even the Chocolate Mtns to the majestic Canadian Rockies. There is nothing like dawn at Lake Louise watching the sun rise over the mist shrouded peaks & reflecting off the chateau in the crystal clear air, simply wondrous.


The Atlantic beaches from Old Orchard, Old Saybrook, Myrtle, Daytona & Miami are nice, each in it’s own way & I liked them all until visiting Playa Esmeralda in Cuba. This fabulous beach in a cove protected by a coral reef with it’s azure  water, powdery white sand shaded by lush palms is absolutely magnificent. My quest now will be to see if there is a comparable one any where.


I have been to Skinners Pond where the one room school house Stompin’ Tom went also to Biran & visited the school house that Fidel Castro attended. Both these schools bear a strong resemblance to each other & to the one I attended in East Farnham QC, small world isn’t it?




                              Part II


“Wherever I May Roam” by Metallica


Has become the template for the next evolution in busman’s wanderings, now Hank Snow & Stompin’ Tom may seem incongruous with Metallica but they aren’t, it is just carrying wandering to the next level.


A travelling companion for a couple trips introduced me to this song & after visiting Cuba my eyes were opened to a whole new world. Between seeing some thing of  life there & meeting visitors from other parts of the world it became apparent that our North American consumer culture is only a small part of the whole.


My idea of seeing the world isn’t —-off the plane—-limo to the 5*hotel—-on the tour bus—snap pictures—back on the bus—hotel—-plane—-on to the next city & repeat. Might as well stay home & watch travelogues.


Staying in Casa’s, eating in local restaurants & mixing with the locals is the way for me.

Like Metallica says “I adapt to the unknown”; “off the beaten path I reign”; “by myself but not alone”; & most importantly “where I lay my head is home”


So that’s the plan for the next couple years with a stop or two back in central Ontario (which is not the COTU) to wind up business. On my quest for “Paradise”, probably some where in Central America, but who knows?? Could be any where!


Now if in your travels you run into an over weight, out of shape guy with a white beard listening to both country & Metallica on his ipod, it’s likely busman.

Hello World Traveller!

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

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