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Khao san road thailand guide

Khao San Road – backpacker ghetto of the universe

The bad news:

My fingers are permanently gnarled into keyboard mode, and they twitch at night when I’m trying to sleep. I only wonder what phantom code they are typing.

My carpal has definitely been tunneled out….somewhere there is a surgeon holding a buzzsaw and licking his lips at the thoughts of cracking open my wrists.

My eyes are now just narrow slits, only capable of focusing at distances up to 3 feet.  I pretty much have to use the force when I drive now.

The Good News:

All of my pains, complaints, and bodily erosions were not unproductive. I finally got my new Thailand travel website launched for people that are planning a backpacking trip there.  Its basically just ground level, personal, tips and observations (mostly goofy) that I made in my 6 months or so there.  I thought it would be nice to share what to expect when you climb off the plane into the smacking humidity, frolicking lady-boys, and madness that is Bangkok.

Go check it out:  Thailand Travel Tips  (

I would still call it BETA at this point, but any feedback is appreciated. Well, the nice feedback is anyway. I still have lots of juicy content to add once the swelling in my wrists go down……  :)

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  1. Rob says:

    Checking out this page now, Heading up to Thailand from Singapore in a couple of weeks. Hope your info is badass.


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