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Shot O’clock is the time in the pub when people get stupid enough to start doing regretful things to their livers in very small glasses.

My shot-o’clock is tomorrow at 14:00 in the afternoon. Not the kind that comes from the bottle, its the kind that comes with a big pointy needle that gets pushed through your muscle tissue to deposit a payload of living viruses.

I hate needles. In fact, I would rather have someone shoot me in the leg with a .45. Ever since the army used your tax dollars to turn me into a human pincushion, I have just not got along with needles. In fact, I despise them. I will undoubtedly have a fever tomorrow as my body does its best to fight off the small dose of incurable creepie-crawlies that will be coursing through my veins.

Luckily, my Typhoid and Japanese Encephalitis vaccinations are still good so I just get some easy Hep boosters and a delightful tetanus shot. I opted for the tetanus because mine is now 10 years old and after my finger cutting incident in Egypt, I decided the shot was worth it.

No doubt my buddies will be pounding away on my arm at the pub tomorrow night after reading this. :)

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  1. Dave says:

    Hey Greg –

    I just picked up my 2nd Hep B and Polio booster today. I’m almost done, with Yellow Fever and Hep #3 awaiting me before I travel the world.

    I did a lot of checking into the Jap Encephalitis vaccine online. It seems the incidents of infection are super low, especially for tourists. At $150 a shot x 3 shots, I’m planning to skip it.

    Does this seem crazy given I intend to spend 6-7 months in Asia and India during the first half of 2007?

    Cheers if you have the time to respond up there in Alaska.

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