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On the road again!

Whats this?

After 15 days….an update? mama mia! (yes, Italians really say that.)

It has been an insane visit home, mostly a blur really, but once again (for the 4th time this year) I stuffed my backpack, told my goodbyes, and am climbing into my bed for my last night of
sleep in the US. My body may be lying here, but my mind crossed the Atlantic a long time ago it seems, and my thoughts have been almost entirely monopolized by the overwhelming desire to get back to the business of adventuring. I love my family and friends dearly, but few words can describe the tingle I get when I walk in the front door of Bluegrass Regional Airport with a heavy rucksack on my back and a ticket in hand.

I know that I will love Italy. How can I go wrong in a place that possesses so much energy and passion? Once home of the Romans…home of the popes….close enough to home of the mafia…this place has a powerful allure, and I am trapped in its pull. This is just a brief visit, being there just 10 days is barely smelling the cork of Italy, I will have to come back one day for a proper taste. Fortunately, when I am done with Italy, it is time for the grand vagabonding finale of 2006…..Egypt.

Sand. Sun. The best diving in the world (fully equipt with sharks, shipwrecks, and all things dventure). That alone would be enough to draw me there. Add in the pyramids, an unbelievable amount of history and an archaeologist’s paradise, and then make it almost as cheap as Asia……Done!

The plan this time (God willing) is to stay in the field until mid December, so there should be plenty of adventures and newbie funnies to write about. Stay tuned. Life is unpredictable, but still good. :)

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