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Home, but not for long

I don’t think I have stopped moving since I got home.

I leave again on Wednesday Aug 15th for London, then Aug 23rd for my China adventure. I am having one hell of a time trying to pack for 2 such different places where I will experience both hot and cold weather, as well as close everything up from my Alaska trip. So slowly but surely, I am uploading some pics from Alaska.

Talk about jetlag central…right now my body is still on Alaska time, which is EST – 4 hours. In 3 days it will be on England time, which is EST + 6 hours. Then China, EST + 12 hours. I won’t know if I should eat, sleep, dance, or speak in tongues by the end of the month!

2 Responses to “Home, but not for long”

  1. Beau says:

    I’d take along only minimal stuff for London and then buy the rest when you get to China. I saw a good quote in a Lonely Planet guide that said something like “Take half as much stuff and twice as much money.” This is certainly true of China, as anything is available everywhere at very low prices. Some of it is genuine, but most is fake. Still, I met several people in Tibet wearing Chinese purchased goods that made them comfortable even in winter in Lasa. The brand Ozark Mountain Hardware seems to be a Chinese one that is cheap but fairly reliable as many of the Tibetans wear it. Most of the Chinese made stuff is cheap enough to buy and travel with, then discard before coming home.

  2. Adam Shane says:

    I can confirm that everything in China is dirt cheap…. think about half f the cost of anything in America is about standard. I’m sure in some places you can bargain them down even further.

    However… I’m 6’4″, and although I haven’t tried to buy any clothes here yet, I can tell you that the largest size shirts I bought in Korea for about $5 shrunk too small to wear after a single wash.

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