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There is no better (or nervous) feeling than pulling the trigger on a $700 one-way flight to China.

I am flying from London to China so I had to use AeroFlot, a Russian airline, and I will be connecting through Moscow. I studied Russian in university and would LOVE to hop out the door in Moscow and just stay, but unfortunately I will only have 2 hours there.

They do not do E-ticketing, so after booking I received a screen telling me that I had to pick up my paper tickets at their office in London within 14 days or I would loose my seat. I called them using Skype and the sexy Russian voice on the other end told me that she could hold my ticket until 7 days before departure, but no later. A little disheartening, considering that I arrive into London 7 days before departure. I think it will work out, but paper tickets make me nervous after the fiasco I endured to get from London to Egypt on a dodgy airline last year.

Wow – good money is being spent, tickets are non-refundable, the kung fu school headmaster has a date to collect me at the ZhengZhou train station, this crazy idea that has been in my head for months is blooming into a full blown trip all of a sudden. :)

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  1. Suus says:

    Hey Greg, It’s Earoflot…’s the worse air company ever! The crew of Earoflot was always staying in our hotel in China (Beijing) when I did my traineeship, the pilots were always drunk and loads of problems occured when they stayed over. They even got drunk just before a flight, I would never go on a plane with Aeroflot after that experience!nrnrBut anyway, hope you’ll be safe…!nrJust booked my trip to Argentina, leaving in 4 weeks. First go to Patagonia, then to Hutucuman, then to Mendoza and at the end the falls in Iguazu…it’s going to be a dream trip.nrnrStill bored at work….good luck with everything! X Suus

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