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December 15, 2004


Hey all

Hows it?? Thought it was time for a bit of an update. Been a couple of weeks since ive last written, times been flying as usual. The week long kids club we were doing- going bananas- went really really well. We were shattered before it even started, so the week was a bit of a mission to get through, but it was so much fun. We had between 40 and 50 kids each day which was awesome. Every day the kids would have to board the makeshift aeroplane, and land on ‘banana island’. They loved it. So that was all successful, but weird when it finished, as that meant it was the end of our programme. Cant believe how quickly its gone, but absolutely loved every opportunity ive had, and everything weve done. Ive definitely fallen in love with Zimbabwe, it’s a fantastic country, in a right mess, but the people are just so friendly, and the places you can go and the things you can see and do are just amazing. Im sure ill make a visit back one day.
We’ve just come back from spending some time in the bush, which was also awesome. We were in a place called Mahenye, in Gonerozhou. It was such a cool time. Had a bit of an adventure though. To get to the place where we were staying, you had to cross this huge river bed in the 4x4’s. there was no problem there, crossed easy, no worries. But whilst we were there in Mahenye, there was unexpected rains, and the river started to fill up, at a flipping fast rate, so much so that in one day we had become stranded on this island. It was hilarious. Obviously we had to leave this place, so when the time came, we just had to wade through the river, lugging all our gear on our heads. It was so much fun. There was the small factor of crocodiles which made it all a little more life threatening however. Gonerozhou’s water is known for an abundance of crocs, and there had been sightings of them in the river we were crossing. But there really was no other choice, we just had to wade as fast as possible. Eventually, this guy rocked up with a dodgy little rowing boat, and he took us back and forth with the gear. Luckily 2 of the vehicles we had traveled in had been driven to the other side of the river on the day we arrived, as they were needed for a game drive, so they wernt stranded. But one of our cars was stuck there. We just had to go, leaving someone camping there with it. The water had come down to knee level by this morning, so they were able to cross and come home today.
So all was a bit crazy, but we all had such an amazing time. It was so nice to just spend some time away as our programme finished, with the people weve got to know over the last few weeks. A bunch of guys joined us who had come home to Mutare for crimbo holidays.Theyere all studying in south Africa, that seems to be what people do after school – go to south Africa or over sees. so it was really great to get to know them all as well. Theres so many of our mates who are going to be living in England by the time were home. Most of them are hitting London, so itl be cool to hook up with them when were back.
So, we got back yesterday, today weve just been catching up with washing, sleep, and vegging out. Tomorrow were going to the lake with the guys – the lake we went to in october, with the bridge you can jump off. Should be fun, we’ll have a braai as well. Mmmmmm the steak out here is so good. Its nice to be off now, and just chill out. Theres certainly loads to look back on, so much has happened out here over the last couple of months, met and interacted with so many people. I really praise god for the opportunity.
Its weird that were starting to get things ready for leaving,. Cant believe theres only 11 days till we leave mutare, then were off on holiday! Cant wait. Still trying to psyche myself up for the jump off vic falls.
Chrsitmas is quite a hard time to be away, especially when youre not getting much post from anyone. Really miss all you guys. But my team are quality, were all helping eachother out. Itl be fine, looking forward to all the banta of Christmas day.
Anyway, ill write again just before I leave mutare.
Hope you are all well. Please keep praying for us, especially at this time where were starting to pack up and say goodbyes to people. Its quite easy to get a bit low when youre evaluating all that’s been and gone.
Well catch up with you all soon. Take care
All my prayers and thoughts,
Rebecca x

Posted by Bec on December 15, 2004 11:22 PM

Hi Rebecca, Just a quick christmas message from Paul, Gabrielle, Ray and Alicia back in London. Hope you are having a great time and accomplishing your goals. In case you werent aware, Gabrielle and her boyfriend Matt got engaged in October and are planning to get married in June 2006. Hope to see you on your return. We will be checking out your blog from time to time. Lots of love, PAUL

Posted by: Paul Lofthouse on December 26, 2004 06:44 PM
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