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Rio Dulce – Hotel Catamaran 1 Jan’06

After our exciting New Years Eve (!?!?!), we were ready to have a good day with the hand fishing line from our balcony. Even in the shallows there were lots of fish of various sizes, waiting for our hook.

We planned breakfast a bit better as well and managed to sneak some boiled eggs into our pockets for lunch! We saw a couple of old ladies doing the same but their haul extended to yoghurts and bread as well! We didn’t feel too cheeky.

Eug went off to look for a stick to tie the fishing line onto and I did two bowl fulls of hand washing. There are only so many days you can wear a pair of pants! Eug came back half an hour later with a cracking (i.e, good, not broken!)piece of bamboo – a superb fishing rod. He began fishing as I settled down with my book.

The fish weren’t shy, and they weren’t small either. They liked the sweet nuts and bread we used as bait. I had to have a go after a while but couldn’t touch the fish – they stank!

We had a break to phone home to wish the parents Happy New Year. My mouth watered as our Sar told me that Mum had cooked prawn cocktail then roast beef. Back at the shed we made dry egg sarnies with the fishing bread. It filled a gap.

The rest of the afternoon was spent fishing. We also had a surprise visitor for an hour or so in the form of “steak cat”, who we’d fed in the restaurant a couple of nights before. Steak cat miowed to come into our shed and happily rubbed around our balcony for a while. She examined all of the catches before retiring and deciding to have a lie down on our bed! It was time for her to go then!

All in all we caught 19 fish, the largest going to Em at a weight of about 3lbs, very impressive indeed. Eug wanted to get some foil, make an impromptu BBQ and cook these for our tea, but I wouldn’t let the little boy play with any more things today.

It was another uneventful night at the Hotel and as usual, the restaurant was quiet, and the service was absolutely crap. We were looking forward to leaving in the morning!


One Response to “Rio Dulce – Hotel Catamaran 1 Jan’06”

  1. Brian Cameron Says:

    Hi Folks,
    Happy New Year!!

    You make me feel as though my trip to Turkey for the New Year was rather tame in comparison to your adventures.

    Any broken toes this time?