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Fish guts

Ahh, the day of the fishing trip. It was slightly overcast but fine and warm other wise. We were told to turn up at 8am and were there but Roly, the skipper, didn’t turn up until half an hour later and after another half hour of loading the boat, we were off at 9am.

We were sharing our trip with a Canadian couple. He, like Eugene, wanted to do some “proper fishing”. She, like me, was obliged to go along for the ride.

Everything was going fine until we went into the deeper water. I had that warm feeling in my mouth and sudden sweats. Eug and Walter were busy dangling their rods. No, I had to puke. Kneeling on the seat with my head over the side I said goodbye to my breakfast. It felt great and awful at the same time. I sat back down and felt much better. But not for long. The final dregs of orange juice removed themselves from my stomach and diluted into the sea. This went on for a couple of hours until Eugene realised that I wasn’t trying to look closely at the fish. He tried to make me eat a sandwich. I had a couple of mouthfulls but they ended up back in the sea too.

Roly then stopped the boat and on the third attempt (and third anchor – the other two slipped off the rope!) anchored down. This was another method of fishing. I think they caught some fish. I couldn’t look. Well, I couldn’t move unless it was to turn round and heave and heave – there was nothing left to give! I had every layer on i possibly could but still felt cold. But the sun was out. Dehydration was showing its face but every time I had a sip of water my stomach warmed it up a little and threw it out again. After 7 hours it just wasn’t fun and I felt overwhelmed with relief when I heard we were heading back. This wasn’t before the sound of my heaving had also made Walter puke up.

On the way back, we saw dolphins, so there was a point to this suffering! And I had seen some flying fish. Dry land brought what felt like an instant recovery. Apart from a sore and empty feeling stomach I felt fine. We spent the rest of the afternoon in the sun by the pier. Perhaps not the best move after what I’d just been through. I spent the rest of the evening with pretty bad stomach ache. Eug forced me to go out for some food which did help in the end.

Eug didn’t catch that many fish but enjoyed his day out – and didn’t feel sick once! I’m never going deep sea fishing again!


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