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Tuesday, November 23rd, 2004

Well, this is it. These pages may fill with stories and pictures, and then again, they may not. It will all depend on just what happens…….

Those who know us will know what we’ve put into planning this adventure, and those who stumble across these pages may well find out.

A quick potted history, just in case. Em’s a Doctor, but not in the medical sense, and I’m something between a diplomat and politician in my day job. We’re both from England, married for some years, with two cats. That’s the domestic bit over anyway.

While we’re both looking forward to exploring Bolivia and Peru it’s not without a degree of trepidation. A step into the unknown, despite seeming to spend most of our time with a guide book or some other info in our hands over these last few months.

So….hopefully this will become our little guide book to life on the road in the Central Andes. Enjoy, and feel welcome to post comments!

Eug & Em