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Suba Aluth Avurudhdak Wewa!

Suba Aluth Avurudhdak Wewa is the Sinhalese translation for HAPPY NEW YEAR!

We all had the honor to ring in yet another amazing year on a full moon.  A Blue Moon that is.  A Blue moon is when there are 13 full moons  that occur during that year, 2 of them being in December, once on the 2nd and again on the 31st!  Because of my location in the world, I was also able to see a partial lunar eclipse (where a small part of the moon entered the Earth’s umbral shadow, you can see a small dark shadow on the southern part of the moon)!  I spent the beginning of my evening gathered around a large table in front of the moon lit Indian Ocean, accompany other foreigners as they feasted on local rice and curry and exchanging travel stories and advise.  The table was set out in front a nice little guest house on the beach.  Rumor had it that there would be some good dance music “arriving” shortly.  Within an hour of 2010, my friend Najee, that works at Amanwella, pulled up to the beach revealing the sound system in the back of his car.  This stereo system is unlike ANY system I have ever seen in America.  Quite frankly, I was impressed!  So of course as you guess, I danced the sand between my toes out of 2009 and into 2010!

The Best of 2009

 Celebrating New Years Eve 2008 with my BEST FRIENDS (we kept wishing everyone else “Happy -insert random year here-” … we got the entire bus on the ride home to chant 2002, 2002, 2002!)

 New Years Eve 2008 with my Best Friends  New Years Eve 2008 with my Best Friends!

Getting to become sisters with one of my best friends!  Crofton proposed to Amanda last New Years Eve!

Crofton and Amanda


 Grandma Sacco came to live with us for a few months!

Epic 22nd Joint-Birthday dance party with Paula (turned 23!) featuring 3 electronic DJ’s

me and politimi on our birthdays!

Birthday Dance Party! 

 Campus Dance Project

Campus Dance Project!

Campus Dance Project!

Traveling to Japan – my first time traveling alone!

Me and Asa at the Asakusa Temple, Tokyo

 Daibutsu Buddha, Kamakura, Japan

Graduating from College! FINALLY!

Graduation from CU Boulder Family at Graduation

Moving out of my first apartment, and PAYING MY OWN RENT for the first time.  Long Live the Glitter Cave

Glitter Cave, $200 bucks a month!

My first Nannying experiences this summer

Teaching LOTS of yoga at Studio Darshan, CU, Sacred Space, and Core Power Yoga!

Yoga photo shoot with Jim Campbell 

Core Power Yoga Christmas Party! 

Traveling around Greece with Politimi

The Parthenon, Athens Greece

Santorini, Greece 

Baby Luca was born August 14th, 2009 @ 9:45 pm

Baby Luca

The Family and Baby Lu

Spending the greatest week of my life at BURNING MAN in the Black Rock City Desert, Nevada

Art Car at Burning Man Sunrise at Burning Man

Seeing Morgan off to College at San Diego State University

Me and My Brothers on our way to the Airport

Morgan playing soccer for SDSU! 

Visiting my favorite cousins in Arizona

 Amanda, Paul, and Me

Baby Luca growing up So FAST!

Baby Luca 

Crofton, Amanda, and Baby Luca 

Living at home with Mom, Dad and Oliver before my trip

me and dad playing Mall Madness mom and oliver 

Traveling to Sri Lanka

 Sri Lankan Rainbow Amanwella Tangalle, Sri Lanka


To all of my beloved friends and family:

May all of you be blessed with an amazing year full of the love that you so deserve.  May you manifest your dreams and open your heart to new and endless possibilities that await for your discovery.  May you find magic in your everyday occurrences and may your  health, happiness and well being be your measure of wealth!

Om Shanti Shanti ~ mantra for peace and love

Aubrey Glitter Girl 


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