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Only in India

– Small Candies are an acceptable form of currency.  Often times if the person does not have 1 to 10 rupees in change, you will receive candy instead.

– Your tea or coffee automatically comes with sugar and milk… loads of it.

– In Europe they drive on the left side of the road.  In America, they drive on the right side of the road.  In India, they drive on what’s left of the road.

– Honking your horn at EVERY intersection takes the place of stop signs or stop lights. 

– Cattle, goats, and ponies are common pedestrians/road blocks, even in the cities. 

– If you need to see a doctor, you can walk into ANY ayruvedic medical center, see the head doctor (for a general checkup or to consult about an ailment or concern) and receive natural herbal medicines in Under 15 minutes for around $5.00 (includes consultation and herbal medicines).  No waiting, no paperwork, no insurance needed, and no one just trying to take your money.  If you NEED medical assistance, you get it. 

– There is no such thing as NO.  Instead it is “come back in one hour,” “we will have it tomorrow,” “it will be here in 2 days,” “go across the street to so-and-so, they can help you,” “my brother can do that, I will ask him then you come back tonight,” “they have some of those down the road” etc.

– You can eat like a King or Queen for under 2 dollars (including drinks, several main courses, and deserts!)  

– Business hours are as follows: Whenever someone decides to be there.

– Anywhere is an acceptable place for trash.  Even residential areas dispose of their trash over the balcony into their yard. 

– You can get your shoes fixed for 30 rupess (under $1) on the spot


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