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Valencia part 2: Cirque du Soleil

Ok…I have a bit more time to write now. So we went to the bullfight, like I said before a bit sick and strange that it still happens. And it’s funny because it’s this big manly sport but they all wear sparkly tight costumes and have pink capes, but yeah interesting. We only stayed for one of the 2 fights then it was off to the circus!

Its funny when your traveling how you just end up doing these big things that normally back home take all this thought and planning. Here its like, let pay $100 of dollars and go to the circus tonight…why not? Its great times. SO the cirque du soleil is amazing, I’ve always wanted to go see it in NZ so we were luckily it happened to be here the same time as us. For those of you who have seen it you’d know what I mean. This particular show was about the four elements and kind of Chinese style, its like a huge performance not just circus tricks, orchestra, singers, crazy big set. There were little girls doing crazy bendy things on one hand, and these lady’s dancing in the air just hanging on with a handful of ribbon from the ceiling. The most impressive thing were the trampoliners. The tramps were against this wall where all the performers were kind of clinging to and they’d jump down then sort of rewind them selves back up to the wall. Some of the guys were jumping off this ledge like 7 meters then bouncing straight back up with a flip of something. I wana join the circus.

Our last full day in Valencia we went off to look at this big science museum complex thing. Unfortunately mum was feeling sick again, which is not too good (she’s fine now). After a bit of a break in this giant garden thing we had a bit more of a look around. It’s pretty huge, have a museum a big hemisphere move theatre and a big aquarium thing, with dancing dolphins and that sort of thing. It cost about a million euros to go in so we settled with just having a look around the buildings, which was impressive enough. They’re all built really wacky and big pools surrounding everything. In the afternoon it was off to the beach! We sat on the Mediterranean and had sandwiches for lunch, beautiful beach. We sat under one of the umbrellas that line the sand then got told off by a man on a quad bike patrolling the beach, it cost 3.5 euros to sit under them! We moved. Can imagine the beach is packed in summer. After a nice afternoon reading and eating it was back in the bus into town.

The train station is right near our hotel so we thought we’d be organized and go buy our train ticket for the next day to Barcelona. Seems like it was the time to buy tickets, we had to get a number form the machine to join the queue of hundreds. All the booths had numbers and you had to wait for your to come up, we were number 900 and something and it was still in the 700’s. So after about an hour of waiting it was almost our number, how exciting! We stood anxiously with our little ticket, it was like we were going to win something! But no, our number came up and we got a train ticket for the next morning. Had Paella for dinner which is traditional Valencian food, kind of like rice with meat/veggies, then super good ice cream and bed. Caught the train the next morning heading further east to Barcelona where we would be heading a bit further out to stay with Mums friend who lives here.

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