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the last stretch

I’m about to begin my last term at uni on Monday, how exciting, that means in 6 weeks classes will be over and I only have one exam, then I will be qualified! Not qualified enough to actually do something but it will be good to finally have completed my degree’s.

It’s also just over 2 months until I leave. Not so concerned with leaving forever at the moment due to a certain person who is complicating my plans (in a good way) and keen to come back to work for another easter camp. So it’s looking like a 5 month trip at this stage to procrastinate any hint of joining the real world. Plans are changing and very flexible which is good. Am going to be meeting up with different people along the way so that is about my only fixed dates,

the basic outline is:

Singapore for 2 days

Egypt 2 weeks

Middle East and Turkey 4 weeks

Eastern Europe up to Russia 4 weeks

Russia and Tran-siberian 4 weeks

Mongolia 2 weeks

Arrive in China then hang around China/Asia area for around a month or so depending on money/time etc. Probably fly home from Hong Kong or Bangkok.

Will be with Mum in the Middle East and a couple of friends Tom and Rdoc for the trans-sib leg. Brought a new camera the other so will be able to take exciting pictures. I have most of the gear I need from last time, a new pack which is smaller and will only need to buy a few little things. I’m planning on traveling even lighter than last time, but do need gear for the 40 degree heat of Egypt to the cold weather in Siberia. Next big issue is visa’s…..with Russia being possibly the most complicated country in the world to go to. Do they want tourists?

Savings is going surprisingly well and should be able to easily meet my goal by the time I leave. Hopefully my goal is a generous estimate on costs! Looking foward to travelling without stressing about money too much.

So I will continue updating as things fall into place for my next kind-of-round-the-world-trip. Looking forward to the trip but think I will miss home more than last time.

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5 responses to “the last stretch”

  1. A says:

    Why will you miss home more than last time…? Look forward to reading all about your travels, very very jealous!

  2. Kate says:

    Who is complicating things Arnika? Why? Haha really how could you let this happen!!! Mongolia is going to be sweet!!! I am envious but it is okay cos I can just live my life through you through this blog…sweet distraction from office oblivion!

  3. Arnika says:

    too many Patersons/Davidsons….aaahhhhh…

  4. A says:

    don’t worry thats only me and K not a very high percentage of Pat/Davs at all – just sending the link to dave, dad, mum, nanna, grandad,julie, the aunties, the uncles so they can all read it…. HAHA just joking xo

  5. spencer says:

    hey, thanks for checking out my blog! it looks like you have some exciting plans coming up…if you’re in the middle east (syria or lebanon) in july-august, send me an email….i’ll be studying arabic in lebanon all summer.

    bon voyage!


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