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the final goodbye

After a very on and off relationship with New Zealand over the past 4 years I will finally be breaking it off for a decent amount of time this year. I have been accepted to study towards my masters in International Relationships in Leiden, Holland. So this trip looks set to be an indefinite one as my course will finish mid 2011 and then I plan to stay around to work, well maybe, I haven’t been very good at the whole work thing in recent years so will see what happens.

So after a wee trip to Iran then another season with the tents I will be settling down (for a year at least) in the lovely land of the Dutch to study. Exciting…while I am not writing NZ off compleately I think its time to leave properly and do something slightly ‘advancing’.

I am trying hard to actually get rid of all my stuff or put it into storage for another time.

3 weeks to go till departure.

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