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time for work

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Leaving Istanbul I was headed for London, narrowly missing another airport closure because of the crazy ash cloud. I had 5 days ahead to chill out before it was back for another season putting up tents.

I spent some time with family who live close to London and had a great weekend in London catching up with friends from all over the place and drinking a lot of cider (oh how I have missed you pear cider). Then it was off to work, which basically involves spending the next 4 months of so living in a tent and putting up very big tents at festivals all around Europe. So from here my life goes a bit crazy and I either working too much or having far too much fun to be writing anything.

Post the season, or maybe if I ever feel like it I will put up a few photos/words, but until the end of summer I will be slightly vacant.


Roskilde: Best. Festival. Ever

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

Roskilde is one of Europe’s biggest festivals, a whole week of fun. We spent around 2 weeks putting up two of the main stages. it was was hot, and hard work, but got through it. After we were done we had a week to enjoy the festival, with ultimate access all areas passes, no queues for bathrooms, special parties, a lot of beer, saw loads of cool bands, lay in the sun, partied all nigh, drunk cocktails by lake, basically it was awesome. Far too much to write about.

As staff we camped behind the Arena stage, one of our tents in a nice secluded shady area, which was perfect to escape the heat dust and people. The whole stage crew were great and had loads of parties and an annual football match against the other stage teams. Really amazing festival, well organised, run by thousands of cool volunteers. Awesome

After we took the tent down we had a weekend in Copenhagen. Somehow Denmark is able to just be uber cool without trying. All Danish people are friendly, attractive, speak several languages. Copenhagen of course is super cool and very expensive, a bad time to travel on the pound as its losing value consistently, but managed to survive.We hung out a bit in Christiania, the hippy commune that has managed to survive from the 70’s. Truly amazing, as you would imagine a hippy commune to be. Managing to hold on despite influx of dodgy drug stuff and a getting a bit over commercialised, but mostly pretty cool and quirky. We were lucky enough to hang out with some cool Danish people who live in Copenhagen and showed us round. A very cool city. So a great Danish experience, the people are cool, festival was amazing and generally a good time. It was sad to leave and drive back to England to the rain and for tent washing after the tents got filthy at the festival