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time for work

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Leaving Istanbul I was headed for London, narrowly missing another airport closure because of the crazy ash cloud. I had 5 days ahead to chill out before it was back for another season putting up tents.

I spent some time with family who live close to London and had a great weekend in London catching up with friends from all over the place and drinking a lot of cider (oh how I have missed you pear cider). Then it was off to work, which basically involves spending the next 4 months of so living in a tent and putting up very big tents at festivals all around Europe. So from here my life goes a bit crazy and I either working too much or having far too much fun to be writing anything.

Post the season, or maybe if I ever feel like it I will put up a few photos/words, but until the end of summer I will be slightly vacant.


A weekend in London and a side trip to France

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

The beauty of Europe is being able to travel around the continent easily and cheaply, something which is lost on most Europeans but never fails to impress back home.

So to finish up my time in the northern hemisphere I headed over to London for the weekend to catch up with some friends and get very little sleep.

Then it was on a cheap and nasty Ryan Air flight down to Bergerac which is close to where my cousin is living. Out in the french countryside with his French girl friend. In a cave.


(My cousins house)

So from Bergerac I taxied into town to get a train to another town where Sam and Francesca picked me up and drove me further out to a little village (hardly a village, more like a collection of about 20 houses) to their house in a cave. Yes really. The area around the Dordogne is all important due to people living there 20, 000 years ago who lived in caves and evidently drew things in them as well. This is all very important obviously so Sam and Francesca live in a house built around one of these caves and in the summertime give tours to the hundreds of french tourists that turn up to see them. Sam can now even speak fluent french!

The next day we drove to Bordeaux to pick my Aunty Linda who had just flown in from NZ and my cousin Joe who was finishing a year in Edinburgh and on his way home. We spent 4 days hanging out in the french country side eating an amazing amount of cheese and drinking a lot of red wine. The weather was getting colder, now winter was arriving and while Sam and Francesca worked me, Joe and Linda took the car (left hand drive, so confusing) and cruised around the villages checking out some more ancient caves, giant chateaux (castles) and occasionally getting lost. It was all very French and to catch up with the family before I was back on a plane.

(Sam with the cheese and Linda and Joe keeping warm)

Back into London where I of course got caught in some tube breakdown meaning I was stuck on buses in rush hour trying to meet someone one the other side of town who would give me a ride back to Oxford.Eventually I made it to the car, headed to Oxford and partied all night, most of the next day at our end of year crew party which a huge crew had built over the week. Very impressive.

Dazed and a bit confused I managed to stumble onto the plane in Gatwick to spend the next 40 hours making my way home. Christchurch. Home again from another wee adventure

from sun to rain

Thursday, August 3rd, 2006
Welcome to London....Grey skies and rain......super. Spent the whole bus ride into town getting more depressed as just flown in from Nice where it was so nice! Anyway spent the last week or so going to the beach lots and as usual ... [Continue reading this entry]