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The idea was to head to Italy to catch some of the last of the sun in Europe before we all ddecend into wintery whitness (which for the worst I will be long gone!): First day in Florence didnt really go to plan with overcast grey skies! But not to worry as weather has been improving and even got a bit sunburnt yesterday…ahhhh for the days of being tanned back in France!
My first morning in Florance ended up being a bit of a walking tour looking for a hostel that was free…I thought everyone would have left by now but no…Italy is always busy! Eventully found a place after waiting a few hours to see if people checked out then headed into town to have a look around. Now Ive heard from everyone that Florance is amazing and beautiful etc etc…I dont know maybe it was the overnight train, feeling sick…but I was just over it…whatever “it” was, well I was over…it. I mean its a nice place just not all that exciting, the queues to get in anywhere were stupidly long, then it started raining, did have nice pizza for lunch but by 2 I just went back to the hostel and slept all afternoon! Meet up with a cool chick in the evening and cooked up a bit of pasta with her, and hung out in the hostel with some other randoms for awhile which is always fun. Especially when one of them was a crazy american guy who blamed his stupidity of everything of being from American and never having been out of the country before….while he nursed his bottle of wine and got drunker and more stupid….very entertaining for the rest of us.

Right day 2 and the sun is shining, detirmined to make use of the day so tried to make it earlier to get in line to see the David statue. Well it was longer than the day before but after 2 hours waiting with a whole lot of cool aussies we were in! and thanks to my british passport for surprisingly cheaper. And well I think it was worth it, David is amazing! He’s huge!! Such a detailed statue, its incredible! so spent a good while admiring that and that was about all this art gallery had to offer. Tried to go line up for th Uffize gallery which has some of the worlds best paintings but couldnt face another long wait. Instead just wandered through the piazza’s and very thin streets, dodging tourists and pidgeons. Ok so I guess Florance is nice…but still not as amzing as I’ve heard. In the late afternoon I walked up to this Piazza which overlooks the city then went in search of a church which apparently had singing monks at 5.40…also on the search I meet 2 other guys whose eventually turned up at the right place as the monks were finished! I did get to see some of it though, they were just conducting a service in a little room in a cathedral, but very cool to sit and listen to them sing. Ended up watching the sun set over the valley outside this beautiful church. I have to admit it was pretty amazing!

Exploiting the fact its my birthday soon the guys said theyd take me out for dinner which proved to be an interesting experience. One Amercian, one Canadien late 20’s and just meet at the hostel. American super nice, well travelled, photographer. Canadien…well he was lovely but just interesting. Basically loved his guide book so much that we trekked to the other side of the city to find this restaurant which apparently was good. Finally arriving we couldnt find it but another one was there and while me and the anthony waited to be seated this guy went round and round looking for the other place comparing the price and finding other places that were close. Trying to explain that just because its not in a guide book doesnt mean its bad went unnoticed as we ended up just having to laugh as he clutched “Let’s Go Italy” with religious fervour. Interesting guy…nothing funnier than a person who explains that they ARE funny and that “I actually do a bit of stand up comedy” right…luckily Anthony was chilled enough just to laugh and once he stopped trying to hug me and make innapropriate jokes it was OK and we had a good night …mainly at the other guys expense. Which may be a bit mean but sometimes you’ve gota laught right?

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