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Iran planning

After tackling Russia in 2008, I don’t think any country could match the bureaucracy, inefficiency and non-tourist friendly levels the post communist country did. Therefore planning for Iran turns out to be not all that difficult. The key for me lies in my NZ passport, the passport that everyone likes given we are too small to piss anyone off and desperately need immigrants so let people come to our country which in turn allows us cheaper visa fee’s. So while the main issue for most people is the complicated and often failed attempt at obtaining a visa, I am relying on the fact that I can get a visa on arrival at the airport.

Fingers crossed of course. Enough experience with these types of countries has taught me to be slightly wary of such promises despite being made by the Iranian consulate in NZ. I do however have an email from them stating this and a downloaded document from the website confirming it, both of which I will take with me in case of any problems at the border. So with the visa issue aside I have my ticket booked to Dubai and now one onwards to Shiraz, a town in the southern part of Iran. Thankfully with with help of who helped me book a ticket with Iran airways, given that is was all written in Farsi making it slightly difficult to book. This website and the guy who runs it are ridiculously helpful and super friendly.

So visa sort of organised, plane ticket booked. I have a Middle East guide book from my last trip so generally that about as much organising as I do. Although I will attempt to book a train ticket to Istanbul before I go.

6 weeks to go. More importantly is trying to get myself organised to leave NZ hopefully indefinitely this time

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