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“I`m sorry, we´ve got no room left”

thats what Im getting used to hearing now. Everything is always booked out! esp in weekends where everyone takes off to the nice beach places on cheap flights, unfortunate for us backpackers as weekends mean nothing any more. So after I found I had no bed in Barcelona had a bit of a stressful day trying to figure out what to do next. Should I go to France?? No theres atrain strike plus everyone coming from Nice said it was packed. Had no bed for the night so needed to go on an overnight train somewhere so cant go anywhere to close…should I go to San Sebastian…we´ll thats what I want to do but everywhere I ring is full…and everywhere around San Sebastian don´t have any youth hostels….aarrgghhgh dont know what to do!!! Well eventually I thought I might as well get the night train to San Sebastian (North about 9 hours on the beach very close to French boarder) beacause then I can postpone my worrying till at least the next morning. So went off to buy a very expensive train ticket and spent the afternoon eating sandwhich by the sea and went and saw another very amazing Gaudi house. Grabbed my bags from the hostel and took off to catch my night train which I happened to get a bed on which was a nice surprise. The whole sleeper section happened to be full of backpackers heading to San Sebastian who also didnt have any accomodation so that made me feel better!

Had a surprisingly good sleep and arrived around 8am to begin the search for a bed. It was kind of funny after making friends with all these people on the train once we arrived everyone got a bit suspicious that other people might steal their beds so everyone took off very fast!! Kind of funny

Anyway the tourist office directed me to a place a good 30 minutes walk away (with my heavy pack!) and luckily they had some space. Interesting hostel, kind of like a YMCA, big and no common area but clean and has kitchen and awesome free breakfasts. Meet some cool people from Canada and a guy from NZ so we cooked up a huge lunch and then I slept all afternoon. Today was a great day, myself, Ash and Christina (NZ and Canadien) went up to this hill and then walked along the beach. Brought nice food, sat on the beach…it was a really nice day, nice weather, good times. So no need to be worried as things always turn out in the end!


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One response to ““I`m sorry, we´ve got no room left””

  1. Tara says:

    Hey Arnika!!!!!!

    Sounds like your having a wicked awesome time! So jealous about the horses though…… but thats cool, I’ll deal with it…. I think, LOL. I’m planning my way off his rock as we speak.
    Hope it all goes really well. Sounds amazing.
    Keep up the good work,
    Lotsa Luv and all the Best!

  2. Jesus says:

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