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I hate computers

for those of you worried (dont pretend I know you were) because I havent actually posted anything for ages…if anyone is actually reading this still (yes Grandma I know you are!) anyway I´ve been in the Spainish countryside for a week with no internet access, thought I´d be super organised and type out all my blogs on my laptop then save it on my usb drive and load it onto a computer here in Barcelona but of course I pay my stupidly expensive amount then the computer place is too flash and theres no word or anything to open it with then when I plug in my usb thing the computer crashes taking with it all my money I payed and I cant find my little ticket with my login and there is noone that helps you!!! its all automatic!!!! arrghghghh!!! so i lost my internet time and have to pay again and cant load my thing so yeah…but actually life isnt all bad will load it up in 2 days when im back with internet just thought Id share this with you all because i can. But Im alive and all good, brought another digital camera so hopefully the insurance comes through but have no idea for a few more weeks. So weve had a great time with day trips into Barcelona and hanining in this little village sleeping in horse stabels with mums friend. Will put all exciting thins up in a few days.

This whole post was rather negative, but we´re good! I love Barcelona!!


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