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OK so it seems Im getting prtty useless at this blog thing…havnt been updating it for over a week now…I knw Im slack but on the up side it means Im having far too good a time to waste it on the internet, in fact why am i writing now when its a beautiful day outside? Well anyway I better catch up at some point otherwise I never will….

So Hungary…a wee while a ago but flippin awesome place. I really dont know where people get these ideas that eastern europe is dodgy from Budapest is an amazing city, safe, pretty and heaps to do. It helped I stayed at the coolest hostel in the world and meet lots of fun fact I saw less of the city than intended as hung out in the hostel way too much. The thing with this place is that its like a home, small, cosy and everyone is friendly and the owners have travelled everywhere so heaps of cool stuff. Theres a funky outdoor area, crazy rooms like the Bob Marley room and hundreds of dvds…very cool. I of course got lost going there and ended up in a park in the dark by myself…but made it eventually, it was a bit far out of town but not too much of an issue.
So yeah Budapest was awesome, meet a fantastic Canadian guy who I hung out with for the first day, we checked out the city, some funky buildings a really nice park then hung out in the thermal baths for a good few hours. Hungary is full of these thermal baths and theyre nt Hamner springs…far better, like heaps of different sorts, indoor/outdoor, saunas, spas, crazy bubble jets, lazy rivers…so exciting. And old men take chess there and play on stone tables set in the pools. Its very cool and set in beautiful buildings. A great way to spend the afternoon. Now the probablem with the great the greatest hostel in the world is that you never want to leave, some people we meet planned on a couple of nights and were there for over a week and its hard to go out when its fun at home! So despite our best intentions me and Mark (canadian) stayed at home. Luckily for me he was anexcellent cook and cooked me an awesome meal! So we sat around with a great bunch of people untill 5am and had one the funniest nights of my trip. Eddie from Miami and Des from Singapore, you guys are awesome! (this is a pen, a what? a pen!). Once I managed to drag myself out of bed I headed to the house of terror which is like a museum in the old Nazi/Communist headquaters. Compleate with torture chambers , its all pretty freaky but very interesting about Hungarys crazy history. Also headed up to see Budapests palaces which were all very nice, in the evening the whole city is lit up and is so amazing, reminds me of Paris, definitly one of my new favourite cities! After another great pasta meal a group of us managed to break free from the strongholds of the hostel and head into town to a funky bar where we danced the night away. After a long and fruitless search for Kebabs (we’re in europe at 4am and cant find kebabs?) we ended up waking the hour home taking a few crazy photos on the way and breaking for a spontaneous hopscotch game. So another lazy morning…had a bit of look arund some markets and watched a bit of TV before jumping on an overnight train to Krakow in Poland where I was hoping to find some guys from Budapest who had left the night before….and I did and am still with some of them in Czech now!

Budapest, great times and will go back just to hang out more at this hostel. Backpackers guesthouse for those who want to kow..go there now!


2 responses to “Hungry?”

  1. Kate says:

    Hey Arnika

    Sounds like you are still having a great time which is awesome. Can you put some photos of E. Europe on?

    When you get to India and have been there for a while make sure you read Holy Cow – you can buy it in most places there.

    Keep safe
    Kate 🙂

  2. Arnika says:

    Sorry about photos, need to wait till Im back in London as need to resize them so theyll fit! but will do that on friday night so there should be lots by the weekend! India on saturday!!!!

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