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Granada and the big huge old building

Granada is basically all about this huge old Islamic/Spainish castle/garden thing called the Alhambra. Apparently its really well known and can be hard to get tickets for, which I feel bit guilty about because Ive never even heard of it! Anyway this morning we got up at 5.50am to get to there because all the pre tickets sell out before hand. So after a 15 minute walk up hill at 6.30am we joined the growing que for an hour before the ticket office opened…it was kind of like waiting for concert tickets although it was a historical site…a bit strange. We got close to the front and by the time 8am rolled by there were hundreds of people behind us, because they only let a certain number of people in each day. We got in fine and got our audio guides so we were super tourists! It was actually very amazing, spent about 6 hours there by the time we left. Basically it was a big palace and town when Spain was Islamic back in the day ages ago, so its all stuff about the koran and sultans, then as the other Kings and stuff came along they just added to it so its this huge place with all these different relgious styles etc. The big islamic palace was super impressive, just big and ornate and there was a big army barricks with look outs and huge gardens. By midmorning is was swarming with tour groups and school groups, a bit intense but its a huge place on this big hill so you could still find quiet bits. The audio guids were totally awesome, definitely designed for older travellers! kind of entertaining. but the whole thing was very cool…Probably not a great description but trust me it was cool.

Yesterday we had a pretty chilled out day at the hostel as mum was pretty sick with the flu, shes feeling better now which is good but yesterday we didnt do too much. The hostel is great, very noisy in the evening but cool. The first night they cooked a huge shared dinner, 3 course meal with a huge curry and free sangria and only cost 3.5 euros. And they have lots of stuff going on, good kitchen etc. We are catching a night train tonight to Valencia but cant afford a sleeper bed thing so its just normal seat and it’l be another sleepless night!


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    Contact Anne Heins, She was one of our Youth leaders at Sumner but in Paris for a year. I told her you may drop her a line.

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