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Gay cabarets and more parties

I spent a day on a trip out to the Marine park that was near by and which is the location of ‘the Beach’. Unfortunately no Leonardo DiCaprio and they didn’t actually film the movie here but still beautiful and a fun day. Loaded on to a speedboat with Australians in bikinis and a whole lot of Russians in….nothing, well almost nothing. Surely for a day kayaking, snorkeling and sightseeing you should at least wear pants. But anyway we headed out for about an hour to a whole lot of limestone islands and spent a bit of time snorkeling then kayaked out to a deserted little white sand beach. Perfect weather, clear blue water and lunch on another deserted island, great day. Back on the main land I headed over the other side to meet Vaneet who turned out to be living in luxury in a beach front bungalow in this super flash resort. The bungalow was massive with air-con, a huge bathroom with a bath, and cable TV. Was great to be able to crash on her couch as I would never be able to afford something like that. Much different feel on this side of the island, very developed and the beach was packed with topless sunbathers and the water full of jet skies. Not the casual, relaxed place where we were before but good for a change and that night headed out to meet a couple of Vaneet’s friends. Darren and Brian are a really cool gay couple who are traveling, went out for dinner first then off to gay clubs! Very interesting night! First place we went was to a gay cabaret with Thai lady-boys dancing with feathers and Tina Turner in a sparkly green dress. It was really fun and the girls, or guys, were so lovely and all came down to say thank-you after. So after that finished it was off to the opening of a new gay club ‘Male Box’, swish new place full of beautiful young thai boys, older western men, lady-boys and everything in between, well apart from real girls I think me and Vaneet were the only ones. They had some competition which involved boys in not many clothes dancing around poles with cowboy hats, plus performances from Cher and Tina Turner again. Basically a surreal and hilarious night.

Last day there was another full moon party and spent the day lying on the beach getting very sun burnt. Ended up booking a flight back up to Bangkok for the next day rather than catching a bus at 6am for 12 hours. So meet up with Darren and Brian for dinner then headed over to anther crazy full moon party and again didn’t get back until 8.30am. Not as many people as New years but still pretty massive, brought drinks in buckets. You just chose a few ingredients, red bull, vodka, juice and they chuck it all in a little bucket for you. Also people were letting off these big paper lanterns that floated up in the sky, was an amazing sight with all these lanterns floating away. We brought one and spent a bit of time trying to light it and get it up, eventually it floated away and we watched it until the little speck of light disappeared. Other than more dancing until the last ferry was about to leave. Back for a quick nap then headed to the airport to meet up with Tash and Jeff in Bangkok airport. The airport in Ko Samui is really cute, a whole lot of little thatched building with no walls and wooded signs. So much better than the bus, only an hour and half and touched down in Bangkok to see Tash and Jeff waiting for me. I was exhausted and losing my voice, but really good to see them again.

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  1. AN says:

    Just wanted to say that I was too at samui and in the Male Box, I agree with with you the topless boy with the cowboy hat and the drag queens were a scream! I was also at the Full Moon Party in Phangan wondered if our path crossed…ha ha

    Great Blog will take my time to read it.

    Noticed that you not been to Singapore

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