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Abel Tasmen, NZ

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

Well I haven’t really been travelling overseas but I have done a bit of travelling in my own lovely country. I went up to the top of the South Island to Abel Tasmen which is the most amazing place in New Zealand, well I think so any way.

I went with a bunch of people I’ve been working with over the last few months organising a massive event called Easter Camp, which was a camp for 3800 young people. Pretty intense but very fun. We are luky enough to have Luke and Tim working with us who happen to be kayak guides so they hooked us up with some sweet deals. We kayaked for 5 days and camped in little bays, it was beautiful! Even though it was technically autumn it was still fantastic weather and even got to go swimming a few times. We built a dam one day, caught fish and cooked them on the beach, had massive feeds every night, caught crabs and cooked them up….the whole trip made me realise that NZ isn’t actually a bad place and if I can get to this place in 5 hours I’m pretty lucky considering people travel across the world to get to places like this. So here are some photos…

Abel Tasmen, New Zealand


Friday, April 27th, 2007

So I don’t think anyone is reading this any more, but I’ve finally put all my photos online and videos are all in the blog now as well. I’ve back for 2 months now and it really is like I never left, except that I did. It’s been a pretty full on couple of months back home with uni and working crazy hours on this big camp I helped run. Last week I went for a week kayak trip around the abel tasmen which was amazing and really made me appreciate NZ a bit more. I become a lot more happier than when I first got home. I’m actually enjoying being in Christchurch and not so focused on leaving immediately, which I think is good. I’m still super keen to head away again sometime in the near future, but for now I’m happy where I am and there is lots to look foward to. I can’t help but plan future trips and think I’m going to head to China and Russia on the trans-siberian next, but will have to wait until I get a bit more money together and graduate from uni! conclusion for this trip, how has a year away by myself changed me? I don’t really know….I think it was a great thing to do solo, think that it helps cement your beliefs, gives yo a chance to try new things, all those text book examples. Probably the biggest thing is that it made me realise that I probably can go anywhere alone and I would be OK. I don’t mind doing things by myself and keen to do a few more big solo trips before anything else. As my friends keep saying now, my answer to all of life’s problems is just to go overseas…so thats my advice for life now, just go travelling…but for now I’m in NZ, which is a pretty nice place to be. I’m finally having my 21st next weekend which will be fun and will get my photos printed and start making albums up, so my travels really are just turning into a distant memory.
But for anyone who’s interested, read through this blog, theres videos in there somewhere and a few photos, all my photos are here:

Picasa is a good program for sharing photos if anyone is looking. Other than I will update this blog a bit for any fun trips I do around NZ and hopefully in the future I will be back with more exciting travel adventures!