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can we see your relics?

So the trip to the Vatican Basilca turned out to a be far more funny than I imagined. As both Abby and mzself have christian backgrounds we both had a few opinions on the catholic church and prettz much spent the entire time in theological debate and of course laughing uncontrolably at some of the stuff that was going on. Like the queus of people lining up to touch some statues foot and all the people filling past tombs and having their photos taken with them. The whole idea of this weird religious tourism all seemed a bit..wrong…but we were there so I guess we cant say too much. Probably the best bit was after a bit of a conversation about how catholics seem obsessed with physical things and relics, like someones bones, a cup that Jesus touches, bread from the last supper etc etc. And Abbys guide book said that this Basilaca had a piece of the true cross and the spear that pierced Jesus. Well we had to find them of course and ended up asking one of the staff there about what relics we could see….”so where abouts is the cross?, and what about the spear…you know that pierced Jesus side?” I guess maybe you had to be there but trust me it was funny….
After we escaped the hoards of pilgrims and tour groups we climbed the stairs up to the dome and got a great view of the city. Unfortunately the stairs up there had been built in the 70s so it didnt feel that original climbing these orange and brown stairs, however it was worth it for the view.

After our sightseeing list had been fulfilled we went out for tea to this cute little place down a side street and had pizza, it was all verz italian and even had a cool band playing. Perfect birthdaz dinner. Spent the evening in the hostel bar having a few drinks and meet a whole lot of cool people including some kiwis (I knew there were some out there somewhere)

Headed back to the Vatican the next day to do the museums, so saw the sistene chapel and lots of other cool buildings and religious themed things. Got stupidly lost heading back to the hostel but made it eventually, grabbed some takeaway gnocchi and jumped on an overnight train to Vienna, verz short but sweet visit to Italy and defnitily will be back to do the country properly.

youll have to excuse the grammer in this post as am on the dodgist computer in Sovakia….obviouslz getting a bit behind on posts but will catch up over the next day or so…but for now its off to Hungary..

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