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Bull fights, circus and more old buildings…

Another overnight bus…I hate overnight buses, actually we almost missed it because we couldnt find a taxi that would take us to the bus station so we arrived 5 mins before the bus left, a bit hectic but luckily we made it! We had to take a bus to Valencia because the train was all booked out, me and Sarita went for a huge walk to the bus station to get a tickets, ended up being about an hour away! in the 35 degree heat…I caved in a brought Burger King…it was air conditioned…i know its bad!!

Anyway after an exciting bus right up towards Valencia we arrived at 6am on Satuday morning, not the best time to find a hostel, being the weekend most stuff was already booked out. We ended up having a few stressful hours being very tired,busing into town and eventually finding a nice hotel right in the middle of town, and cheaper than a dorm room in a hostel. Stubbornly trying to make the most of the day despite going on 3 days with little/no sleep (thanks to our very noisy hostel in Grananda) we heading off to the big covered food market which is in this really amazing old building with glass domes, which unfortunatley were being rennovated at the time so didnt see much. But we brought heaps of yummy food for lunch, fruit, vegies, nuts, bread, cheese…yum. Then we ended up having a very long sleep all afternoon. Had a bit of a walk around in the evening and checked out some of the huge shopping malls they have in the midlle of town, bit too expensive for me, its like do I want shoes or do I want to eat for the next week….guess its going to be eating.

We had grand plans of gettng stuff done the next day but didnt really happen, we did manage to have a bit of a look around and ended up buying tickets to Cirque du Soleil which is in town, thanks to mum we got really great seats. Before the show that night however we went to a bull fight!

The bull fight was pretty horrible, Mum and Sarita were both getting a bit stressed about it. And it was awful they kill the bull really slowly and tease it until it gets all confused. Pretty scary stuff for the people doing it who have a 500kg bull charging at them. There is different people that come out an  stab it with spears until finally the main guy sticks a sword done its spine to kill it-pleasant. then its dragged off around the ring by horses. Crazy that they still do this and its really popular, no like just for tourists but its like the rugby, everyone goes…weird, never again but good to see!

Well my internet is about to log my off and we have a train to catch no time to finnish about amazing curque du soleil but I will in a few days!



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