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From Chichicastenango I got the bus to Quetzeltenango.  There isn´t really a lot to see in the city.  The main site seemed to be a very strange museum which had a bit of everything from Mayan pottery to old photocopiers, a stuffed siamese goat with 1 head and 2 bodies and a selection of fetuses (including human). My reason for coming here was to do a bit of hiking in the surrouding hills.  So the next day I went for a hike up Volcano Santa Maria, an extinct volcano not far from the town.  It was a really good walk.  We set off early in the morning and it was completly overcast but we soon climbed above the clouds and had some atmospheric views over the valley.  The clouds then cleared so we could see everything below us.  We stopped at the top for about an hour at a viewpoint overlooking Santaguito, a smaller volcano created the last time Santa Maria errupted.  It is still active and errupts about once an hour.  While we were there we were able to see 2 erruptions, with cloud of smoke coming out of the crater below us.

The next day I got a shuttle bus across the border to Oaxaca, Mexico.   

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