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April 24, 2005

Reading List Updated

I've just updated my reading list, for anyone who's curious to see what I've been reading on the road. I've managed to find some quality stuff, thankfully....

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Posted by Amy on April 24, 2005 06:06 AM
Category: Miscellaneous

A World of Contrast

I'd heard a lot about Vang Vieng--how touristy it is, totally catering to backpackers, with practically every building a guesthouse, restaurant, or internet cafe, and many places with TVs blaring a Hollywood blockbuster or episode after episode of Friends--someone on...

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Posted by Amy on April 24, 2005 05:47 AM
Category: Lao

April 16, 2005

Sabaidi Pi Mai

I arrived in Lao just in time for New Year's (also being celebrated right now in Thailand and Cambodia), and it's a lot of fun. It was kind of an accident that I got here at the right time, and...

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Posted by Amy on April 16, 2005 07:32 AM
Category: Lao

April 14, 2005

Cambodia, Vietnam Pictures

All my Cambodia pictures are up, as well as all of Vietnam except the north. The vertical thumbprints might look a little wonky, but all the pictures should be fine! Enjoy....

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Posted by Amy on April 14, 2005 02:49 AM
Category: Vietnam

April 07, 2005

Thailand Pictures

Thailand pictures are up for your viewing pleasure. Cambodia and Vietnam will follow early next week, I think. Stay tuned......

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Posted by Amy on April 7, 2005 11:18 PM
Category: Thailand

April 04, 2005


I've been traveling with other people for almost three weeks now, so please forgive the blog abandonment. First, I met up with my parents in Bangkok, and we traveled to Angkor Wat and Phnom Penh in Cambodia, then through the...

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Posted by Amy on April 4, 2005 04:43 AM
Category: Vietnam
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