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Boots Screwed the Pooch

We found out today that all the posts on Bootsnall after August 16th were deleted.  They claim it is a server error and are no longer able to restore anything after that point.  What a likely story!  I used to work for Microsoft and I know how reliable their software is and how that kind of thing just doesn’t happen!

I’ve tried to re-create the last entries of our blog as best I could.  I know I’ve left some of the pictures off, and the maps we had where we were charting our route are gone as well.  Luckily we had all our entries still saved on our computer, so it wasn’t too much trouble.  We’re still in Puerto Escondido and we changed hotels to one that has wirless, so I was also able to update them without having to go to an internet cafe. 

In the meantime, you can view our pictures here and hopefully we’ll get another post up soon.


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