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hello my friends,

i am alive. just very busy in the last week because mike is on holiday. quite challenging without him but more responsability for me (greed!). just got out of bed today after spending a long weekend in there with a nasty throat infection. went to see the doc on saturday morning, he was not very happy with what he saw and he put me on 3(!) antibiotics. that should help…what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger as we say.

Earlier this week we took the 3 primary schools to the Nahoon nature reserve to teach them ebout south african birds and plants. was really good fun and thanks to rangers working as translaters they all had a great day out. I was so proud to see all of “my” pupils being very motivated and interested in what i was telling them.
On wednesday afternoon me and the steffis made salzteig (playdough) in 3 different colours and took it to school on Thursday. It was the most happy day since I have been here! They simply LOVED it! When I told them we were making “Intakas”(Intaka means bird in Xhosa) they were delighted and after they finished the animals they went on makeing nests, eggs, trees etc. Some of them made cell phones and cars, but that’s a different story…Their faces were glowing with happiness- I almost cried…

The new volunteers have arrived as well and we said goodbye to the first ones…it was very sad and emotional. We had all got really close and I still miss them a lot. Tomorrow, Clare and Aaron are coming back for one night, they are travelling along the coast to cape town. Looking forward to that, Clare is staying at my house with her friend.
The new vollies are rather boring and all of them are british…doesn’t mean anything bad but some different nationalities just add a bit of flavour to the whole group.

So here I am working in the office on the hottest day so far, it’s 30° C outside, crazy! I am preparing the week since Mike is not here and believe it or not, I enjoy being at work! Don’t know why, everybody’s at the beach…but it’s just fun! Love my job! Never thought I would say that one day, but it’s true. I consider myself very lucky.

I am working on uploading a whole lot of pics soon, but I still need to get some stuff done. And then I might have a glimpse at the beach as well…enjoy your sunday night and have a good start of the new week!


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