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Sweaty in Sukhumvit Rd, Bangkok

So, I waited for this internet cafe to finally open, because I haven’t been sleeping well, I woke up really early, I don’t even know what time it was but when I went to breakfast it was almost 7 am and already steamy.

I spent 2 hours in the BKK Airport this morning, after arriving at midgnight, immigration, booking my luggage in the airport (90 BT/day/piece), and buying a WIFI card to use the computer when it was probably easier to use the one at the airport. I ended up having to go to the departure level to the internet cafe to use the WIFI connection for the card I bought. Had I known I could just buy whatever WIFI my computer, ahem, Rob’s computer, was picking up, I wouldn’t have paid the 250bt for the card. It’s for 60 minutes. I still have minutes left so I can use it when I leave SUnday.

THere is a health expo today so I thought I’d go check that out…take it easy from the heat. I might go for the boat market tour tomorrow since I”ve never been there. Also I remember from Funky Buddha’s owners that the flea market here is to die for. Man….please don’t have anything too cute for my to buy. THose little chinese ball lamps are there, the one’s that use to hang or are still hanging in Funky Buddha were purchased there.

Anyway…there was this huge deal the NWA (not Nigga’s with an Attitude), ticketer at Jacksonville airport laid this stress on me about not having proof of a ticket out of THailand, since my R/T ticket has a return date for 5 June 06. She’s said, “I don’t see your visa”

I said, “I get an automatic one for 30 days.”

She said, “But your return date is for next year, and you need a 1 yr visa for that.”

And I matter-of-factly tell her that, “My final destination is Kathmandu.”

which she asks for the ticket and which I reply I do not have it with me, since it’s in Bangkok. ANd she freaks out saying that she could get charged $10K if I end up staying past 30 days w/o a visa in Thailand. And that I would run into problems at the immigration in Bangkok and in Detroit.

First of all, once you are checked in at Jacksonville, they aren’t going to look at my passport again in Detroit. So, even though I know that I’ll be okay and will be able to get a print out either in Detroit or Narita, I’ll be fine. But it was one thing that had to be taken care of immediately and I wasn’t trying to stress, but my mother kept asking me all these perfectly normal questions which in my mind I had already answered. It was more for her benefit.

So, I get to Detroit, thinking I have 2 hours, of course I don’t know because I don’t have my itinerary which I keep moving around during all the different packing courses I went through.

So I arrive, look at the screens to figure out which gate to go to, thinking I could park my ass at the gate, and get on the WIFI laptop, because it’s free, I think in Detroit Airport. Well, never got to find out because I see this huge crowd going into the door for the flight. Are they boarding already?? WTF???

I’m like no, it’s for another flight, but as I approach the gate (mind you I’m toting a camera backpack (compact) 2 laptops, and an overnight backpack which doesn’t have anything in it excpet for my flip flops and some toiletries (took those out of my laptop case because it was too heavy), …..wheeling it around all over the place….and it is my flight. SEe, I forgot that 747’s take an hour to load 350 or so people.

Anyway, long story shorter, I got to BAngkok, and just prayed, used the ARchangel Michael trick and any travel angels/guides that I didn’t know about, just called on them to guide me and make sure this trip goes smooth for my divine good….and lo and behold..I didn’t even need to show him my print-out of my bogus itinerary that the travel agent in bangkok e-mailed to me (printed out in Narita, under a heavy spell of fatigue, exhaustion). The only question he asked me was where I was staying. Which I replied, “don’t have a room booked yet.”

He chuckled.

Yeah…so ….2 hours later, walking up and down the long airport of Bangkok again, which I’m so familiar with during my many stopover’s here…..finally get a hotel booking agent to call the Sukhumvit Inn for me to ask for an available room. BTW, the travel agency told me they were booked. I figured I try myself, and lo and behold they were not. I just don’t have a window.

ANyway, I’ve been sitting in this cafe long enough…I’m off to the expo.

Maybe someone might actually read these crazy thoughts. I’m going to spend a couple more mintues sending out this blog to my friends.


Mahalo. (don’t know how to say goodbye in Thai)


4 responses to “Sweaty in Sukhumvit Rd, Bangkok”

  1. Susan Paris says:

    Hey Girl,
    It is great to read your adventures. Provides some much needed distraction from my boring life. Have a fun adventure and keep posting!

  2. Nick says:


    Nick from Bali here. Great to hear you are still kicking. Today I went to a similar part of the Bukit that we went to and found aonther mepty beach!.

    Good luck in Nepal.


  3. Nilufer says:

    Yo!! It was great reading your blog! Ojai is not the same without you, girl. I thought you were cruisin’ with your micro luggage carrier for your carry-ons…Heads-up all readers–she’s a Drama Queen–she had all her stuff on a hot little micro mini luggage carrier!! Ha, ha, ha…. ENJOY MISS YOU
    Love and hugs from Ojai, Nilufer

  4. Kirra says:

    Go ahead with your bad self, girl! How did the time pass so fast that I didn’t get to say aloha before you took off. Glad to know the adventures have begun!! Be safe and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. =) Yea, right.


    p.s. aloha is hello & good bye, mahalo is thank you. pakalolo is ??

  5. Heather Rose says:

    Wow Sharmila,
    Sounds like you’re having an adventure. I’m glad you asked for help! It always works. It is great to hear about your travels. I just got back from Art of God and it was so amazing. Beyond words. I just can’t believe how many lifetimes, including this one, of crap we released. I feel so different. Really whole and peaceful and I know I can create anything I choose!

  6. john says:

    Hey, just came across your blog reading other asian stories, and wanted to add that in my exp the best deals on hotels in thailand are on I got really great rates and it is much more reliable believe it or not than in person. I live in jax as well and am missing that side of the world. Have fun..John

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