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“Love is what makes a family”

How poignant, and what a great reminder of what family is about.  Thomas, the pregnant man and his wife are challenging the ‘traditional’ family unit.  What makes a family?  Is it a man, a woman and child or children? Is it two mommies and children or a father’s roommate and their children?

Love is what makes a family.  There all kinds of family, people who congregate together because of work, crack addicts take care of each other (smoking and hanging out in the same house, involved in each others lives), suburban families, one-parent families, good friends, Hare Krishna compounds, ….need I go on.  What’s the bottom line here, love.

I find him beautiful, the pregnancy is bringing out the feminine side of him, and I can’t get over how beautiful he is.  I think it’s amazing that when he had his operation to have the physical features of a male, he kept his female organs in case he wanted to have children.  It’s just really amazing that this is even possible, challenging boundaries and labels.

I also feel like as a human being, to be beyond and follow  Truth past societal norms, to believe wholly in yourself, and to have someone that supports you, is a life of grace.  Whether you agree with his life or not, it takes courage to live in god, to be that grace…is not an easy road, but probably for him and his wife, it’s the only road there is, and the alternative, of not being who you are, but who you are supposed to be is a far worse crime, to me anyway.

What do you think about all of this, is love what makes a family?

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