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It’s the little things…cultivating joy…

Today, I was washing my face (with Trader Joe’s Castille Soap btw, doesn’t dry my skin out and keeps my skin vibrant, and clean  if I do say so myself!) and I looked over at the toilet to make sure the cover was down (good Feng Shui for prosperity) and it was and I was over come with excitable joy and I wanted to just scream up and down.  Which I did and then I took a moment to feel more into this spontaneous bout of joy and I understood…here I was, in my little cottage (as my friend calls it), with MY toilet and in MY bathroom, it was maaaaaaaaaaaveholous and I felt even more grateful for being able to live here once again.  Of course the morning sun was partially flooding into my bathroom and with my window open I could see the teenage Oak Tree and the Grandma-ma Oak tree whose branches reach over the roof of my little guesthouse/cottage. 

Doing little things to cultivate your happiness brings around these spontaneous fits of joy, how much fun is that? 

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