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Helping Our Japanese Family

Monday, May 16th, 2011

Yes, it’s a devastating time in the world, how one thing in a seemingly far away country has a direct effect on us.  What can we do about it, other than donate money, clothes or other helpful items?  Well, in addition to that send your unconditional love.

“But how?” you say, “when I feel so sad and helpless and bad for them?”

Find something that you are grateful for.  It can be anything.  Can’t think of anything?
Here are some suggestions:

  • Be grateful for being able to read this blog. How many years have you been able to read and write and comprehend the English language?  Now that is something to behold and have gratitude for!
  • Be grateful that you have the ability to smile.
  • Be grateful that you can breathe on your own.
  • Be grateful that your body knows how to function automatically, that your body knows how to break down the food in your body,
  • If you know how to drive be grateful that you know how to drive.

Get the picture?

Now, notice how you feel in your body.  Do you feel a sense of calmness and gratitude, and also, wait, what is that feeling, a feeling of appreciation, a feeling of love?

Now you can send that love to support people in Japan.

You can visualize a bubble of the color of your choosing and see it float over and pop like love-rain on the country or have the country encapsulated by the love-bubble.


You can use breath to send that love to Japan, imagining your own jet stream of love reaching and gently and easily infusing Japan and our brother and sisters that live there with that jet stream of love.

Find the method that works for you, what I wrote above are a few suggestions.  These are just one of the many ways we can give our unconditional love and support to our world family in Japan.

And by the way, you can use this technique on yourself or for someone else.  Finding what you are grateful about in your life can open up the pathways and unlock your place of unconditional love.  More love yourself, more peace in your world, which means you can make the world a better place.

I hope this post leaves you with a smile on your face and in your heart.

Reiki and Energy Medicine, how many times should I go?

Monday, May 16th, 2011

People have asked me this question, how many sessions of Reiki and Energy Medicine should I have?

And I always respond, “That depends on you.”

And then the person looks at me very surprised.

Yes, it depends on you and your needs.

What is it that you want to have happen, what expectations do you have?  What is it that you want to achieve?  What are the depths that you willing go to create a new reality for yourself?

It takes commitment, willingness to be open and real with yourself, –no hiding and if you are still hiding from yourself (denial, or low sense of self) then it might take some time before you are ready to reveal what is is you are hiding from.

Whatever the case maybe, you can get ‘results’ instantly, it seems to happen sometimes with the people I have worked with in the past.  But often, some clients are new to changing their reality, they want to go in stages to make lasting changes.  Creating inner harmony is a process, a life long process of acknowledging, accepting and releasing (not necessarily in that order either.)  Occasionally, we need guidance from others and seek out Energy Medicine healing practitioners, such as myself for support.

Let’s say there is someone that is working on their deep anxiety, which creates panic attacks.  It might take 3 or 4 sessions for a person to release these deep fears and realities in order to over come them.  I will give you homework, simple, EASY exercises that you can use for the rest of your life.  I can give you tools during the session to help you in your daily life.  Some sessions will be interactive, some sessions might be mostly passive for you.  You will learn how to love yourself unconditionally, all of  your parts, the parts you don’t want to love, the parts that you think don’t deserved to be loved, –believe me, you can learn to love those parts too.

How frequently should I go if I got 4 sessions of Reiki and Energy Medicine healing?
Again, depends on you.  How urgent is it for you? You can do twice a week and spread the rest of the remaining session over a couple of weeks or days or months.  Perhaps after one session, you might want to wait a week to integrate the new energy flow patterns that you have established and work with those new patterns by doing some homework.  Conversely if you are really excited and motivated you might want to return the next day.

That’s the beauty of Energy Medicine healing, it’s fluid–you can make up any rules as you go along, it’s up to your comfort levels and the time you want to commit to yourself.

You might be inspired to learn Energy Medicine healing through Reiki so you can give yourself a good dose of Energy Medicine in between sessions and also as a means of self-support and self-care.

Maybe you don’t have anxiety, maybe you have a goal you want to work toward or gain more inspiration for a project or just in general.  Maybe you just want to experience it once a week to balance your energies and flow.

You can make the decisions since it is your life, so it’s completely up to you to decide how many Reiki and Energy Medicine healing sessions to have.